Capsules carrying life to mobility: Docking House

The mobility that technological innovations bring to our lives shows that in the future we will have a more independent, more connected and flexible life. The Mobile Capsule project of the Future Mobility Solution Group (FMSG), a design studio, aims to save time, space and energy. Generally named as sağ Docking House tasarım, these designs can provide great flexibility to their users. The information that Designboom shares about the project once again demonstrates the purpose of these capsules. Because big cities like Tokyo, Seoul, where the prices of real estate, this mobile homes are used to be used when needed.

Breaking the idea of ​​a fixed space, the yon Docking House ı project can be transformed into a mobile office for travelers, for example, to a mobile vehicle that connects from the airport to the destination, or for mobile professionals with limited time. On the other hand, the project is used in different areas ranging from retail stores to hairdressing salons or kitchen workshops.

As we saw in the visuals, the product, which serves different purposes, has a simple design. It can save and produce electricity using an electric vehicle battery platform. FMSG, Docking House'ların not only environmentally friendly, as well as mobility can be used as the energy provider can be used during disasters.
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