Balaeniceps rex

The paw-beaked or lupus stork (Balaeniceps rex) is a strange bird species between the stork and the pelican.
this timid life is genetically belonging to the team of pelicans. latin is balaeniceps rex.

if the beak does not help you to recognize at the first glance, a pair of elephants, which you can expect to have at least one of the elephants as characteristic of the female, will show one of the adult, blue, blue; blue to purple; You can recognize the mordan from the color of the feather returned to the miracle. yet non-adults have brown hairs.
the loneliness and serenity of the bird-pecker; Even when hunting, he must have been able to stand still for a long time, even though he had insisted on not being noticed by any species, and sometimes he had to stand by himself for a long time. the same motto is more striking and inspiring in this bird's reproduction ritual. they are often mixed in groups of storks such as storks or herons or cormorants.

a pair of peg-beaked pairs in their reproductive period also advocate their region in a censorious way against other birds. The couple, cleaning together an area of 3 meters together, is making a nest of various aquatic plants on a floating platform. During the 1-month incubation period, both male and female peg-beaked brood and feeds and protects offspring. they are creating their own territory, fighting for this region with great instinct, even as they unite (they do not leave to be united) and they are loyally taking responsibility for the offspring! they also become architects of a modest family planning. Listen humanity ..
These purple wings, which have a population of several thousand people worldwide, have been cited among the "sensitive" species in various reports for extinction. Damn to the hunters.
According to the rumor, in ancient Egypt many bird species, including this bird, are depicted (but on the Internet it is difficult to find a title about this bird's image in ancient Egypt). who wants to read the intention of reading, this exquisite work on the internet under the gutenberg project can examine.
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