Although Canada and the US are neighbors, how did they have a different lifestyle?

"What are the differences between the US and Canada?" The question has passed through our mind at least once. Yeah, there's a lot of difference between Canada and America.
in fact, the difference between us and canada is a little more than everyone knows how these differences occurred and what have caused them to think at all? (We thought). OK then you don't need to read the rest of the entry. Let's do a little analysis for the rest.

now the United States was founded by immigrants from Europe across the Atlantic to Europe, and both countries belong to the Anglo-Saxon culture. however, there are so many cultural differences between the two countries. for example, canada in many ways still has not broken away from europe and is governed by a political system very similar to that in europe. it also has a very similar education and health system in Europe. the US has a very different culture, management style, health and education system from Europe. So why? Where does this difference come from?

it is possible to differentiate these reasons into 4 different categories

1) religious differences

2) Geographic and climatic differences

3) political differences

4) Other

The most important of these differences is religious differences
Those who migrated to the United States from the 1500s to the 1800s consisted of an extremely religious group of protestants living in Europe. the story of immigrating most of them from Europe to America is based on escaping the persecution of Catholics in Europe. The protestant movement, which gained a lot of power especially in Britain and Germany, is now frustrated by the current Catholic order, and the protestant who is religious is going to America.

William Penn, who is the founder of the state of Pennsylvania today, who gave his name to the province, is a religious leader. he had been born in the britain and his congregation had bought quite a large piece of land to emigrate to america and live with his congregation when he suffered some pressure in the uk. that was then the state of pennsylvania. at that time the british state to william penn "o pennsylvania, who are you?" we don't know if it said, but the congregation that penn established has become very strong and political power in time. they even started to interfere in the domestic affairs of the United States and tried to pass many religious laws. afterwards, the congregation was fragmented and in the process of disintegration.

more than 70% of European immigrants migrated to the United States during those days were protesting. Today, only 20% of the population is Catholic, and most of them are Mexican and other Latin immigrants. the proportion of Catholics within the white Americans is not even 10%. however, more than 70% of the Europeans who migrated to Canada were Catholics. So, before the US-Canada became a state, a cultural-based cultural difference began to emerge between the two countries.
now we come to geographical and climatic reasons
America has a geographically huge area in Canada, and both countries have two oceans. there is an obvious climate difference between the two countries. canada is a much colder country than us. what does it mean? emigrants to the United States are dispersed all over the country, while those who migrate to Canada gather at certain points to stay warm and help each other. Even today the vast majority of the canada population is scattered across several cities. For example, in Canada, the population of 35 million is 6 million in Toronto, 4 million in Montreal and about 3 million in Vancouver. 85 percent of the canada's population lives at the bottom of the border of the United States.

How did this affect the two countries? Since the weather was cold and climatic conditions in Canada, people learned that they had to live together in order to survive, and they lived in big cities with masses of communities. the Americans were scattered all over the country and tried to "take care of themselves". Canadians developed a system of common health and education systems such as the village of kizler. This system has been tried to be developed locally and a scattered system has emerged (damn friend!). for example, the Americans were armed from the head as a product of the same mentality, while the armament rate in Canada was lower.
third, there are differences between the forms of establishment of the two countries
both countries start as the British colony. the United States in the 1700s wars war against Britain and goes home. canada is waiting for much longer to gain its independence and obtain its independence by diplomatic means. In the mid-1800s, the autonomous canada, with the permission of the British parliament in the 1930s, declared its independence, albeit at the desk. a development that deeply affects the culture of these two countries. Think of England as the father, the United States and Canada are two children (actually there are three children because Australia also exists). one of the children rebels as soon as they reach the age of 18 and goes out to the house, the other one after having stayed in the father's house for many years, passing the office exam, finding a girl who has sucked the halal milk neatly, and going out to the house to kiss her father's hand.

joking aside from the 1700s, the United States has been trying to tear his way through Europe with a knife. Canada sees itself as a part of Europe until the 1930s, conducts one-to-one relations with European countries, and does not break kinship ties by Europe. even by 1947 canadians continue to carry the British passport. The US is not only leaving the UK through war, but also fighting many European states such as Britain, Germany and Spain. canada is not going to these balls, relatives continue to visit. therefore, the state administration, education and health systems in canada remain closer to those in Europe.
fourth reason
While most of the immigrants migrated from Europe to the United States in an uncontrolled way, those who migrated to Canada consisted of a set of criteria that were selected by the British and French states. From the 1600s onwards, those who went to Canada started to trade fur and fish representing the states of England and France, and tried to keep them well with the locals. hudson's bay, founded by the British to trade in Canada, is becoming a monopoly in the country, and after a while it becomes more empowered as the state. Since almost all whites living in Canada are associated with the company's staff or company, it is easier to control the marches in the country under one roof. thousands of large and small companies in the US is established in the hand whose pocket is not certain. however, it is also an advantage as it is an event that increases the culture of innovation in this country.
the fifth reason is that the canada has a harsh climate;
in this case, the population of the country is less. Today, the population of the United States is close to one another, but the population of the United States is 10 times the size of Canada. There is also a lot of diversity in the USA where the population is very large and this makes us have a different cultural structure compared to Canada.
the sixth one is about the issue of trust in the state
Americans do not trust the state and do not want to interfere in the affairs of the state. therefore, in the United States, the state has freed the people a bit more, the taxes are lower, the rules are less, but also the opportunities provided by the state (eg free health and education) are less. the reason for this is looking at one of the items mentioned above. The people's view of the state was quite skeptical as the United States was divorced from the UK in a quarrel. that's why American people have always been armed and never left a gun from those days until today.

seventh is a civil war at the time of the US, while no civil war canada
There were two different worlds between north and south. In the northern states, innovation, technological development, academic studies and enlightenment were prominent, while in the southern states, concepts such as racism, slavery and extremism were prominent. there would eventually be an explosion, and in the north-south war there was an explosion. There was never such a war in Canada, and there was no need for such a war. 150 years after the north-south war, even today, the northern and southern states of the United States are experiencing friction and this war has been postponed for at least 50-60 years as a nation of the US.

The eighth reason is that the US is much larger than the economic
the us always had a large population of canada and had a huge market in itself. American manufacturers before the globalization of their own products can be sold in the American market, while the market in Canada is low in the goods had to be sold to Europe and other countries. canada was more dependent on exports than us, and had to maintain better relations with other countries. the americans had the mentality of "brother if he came to work."
there is still a lot of similarity between the culture of the two countries
also, considering that there are cultural differences between the states of the US and the provinces of Canada, some of the Canadian cities are closer to some American cities as culture. for example, when the culture of vancouver is closer to the culture of seattle or portland, toronto's culture may be closer to chicago. There is as much difference between Seattle culture and Chicago culture as the mountains stones between them. what did they say? geography is fate.

In the meantime, there was a war between the United States and Canada in 1812, and the White House, the home of the President of the United States in this war, was set on fire by the Canadians, but it was the subject of another entry. even in the 1840s the US and Canada (or rather the kingdom of Canada, the owner of Canada) came to the brink of war again for the sake of Oregon (which I was fighting) but at the last moment the war was abandoned. it is also the subject of another entry. Anyway, it is time for me to come back to Oregon.
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