9 Foods That We Know As Vegetables But Actually Fruit

There are a lot of foods that are defined as vegetables among the people, but are considered fruit according to their botanists. How that happens? Let's explain it now. In order for a food to be scientifically accepted as fruit, it is necessary to contain the seed of the plant. That is, foods containing the core can be technically counted as fruits. Vegetable is the name given to other parts of the plant that can be eaten. This can be a leaf, root or stem of a plant. According to this new information we know as vegetables, but in fact, the fruit of the fruit was nelemiş, let's have a look together.

1. Tomato

The most predictable food of the list has become indispensable to the kitchens because it suits almost every food, Tomato! We can understand from the core structure that the tomato is actually a fruit.

2. Eggplant

Eggplants, moussaka and kebab, the most important element of Turkish cuisine, such as the most important element of the eggplant in the core of the fruit structure is taking place in the core.

3. Pumpkin

If you want a weakening alternative to the spaghetti that we all love, then the pumpkin is actually a fruit with its core structure. You make 3 or 4 pumpkin pieces by chopping them with a spiral chopping tool, then you put them in a little boiled water, then you add the tomato sauce. You can grate some cheese on top if you are for the finish strokes. Here is the lightest way to enjoy this delicious fruit!

4. Honey pumpkin

A delicious starter dish with soup, a sweet touch to your menu with sweet dessert and pumpkin, which has become the indispensable part of our television nights with its kernels are actually a fruit

5. Pepper

Although we are not accustomed to classifying pepper species as fruit among the public, we think the fruits are generally un sweet düşün, but botanists say otherwise. This indispensable part of the meninge is actually quite a delicious fruit!

6. Okra

The gumbo, which we think belongs to the vegetable family, is actually a fruit of a very beautiful flowering plant ıs It is a very healthy fruit thanks to its abundant fiber structure and its high content of potassium and vitamin C.

7. Olive

It is a food we are surprised when we hear that there is fruit, but it is an indispensable food for our breakfasts.

8. Peas

Vegetable is another fruit product that we think is fruit but peas olan It is the complete crustacean of pea which is considered as the original fruit. The part we consume as a food is the seeds of pea fruit.

9. Cucumber

The most sought after member of our breakfast table cucumbers and fruit category did not surprise us. In a world where the tomato is already fruit, we could not think otherwise.
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