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What is the difference between listening to plaque music and digital listening methods?

An audiophile input text that simply describes how analog sound and other digital sound differences affect listening pleasure from music.
If we are talking about listening to music, it would not be wrong to separate the methods of this into "plaque and others". the sound from the plaque is analog sound, mp3 etc. other formats are digital.

What is this analog audio?
the sound from the plate is the mechanical sound. purely physical event. the sound vibrations are scraped directly onto the plate. When the needle rubs against this engraved surface, the sound comes out.
As you can see, when we approach the plaque surface, we see an engraved path. one side of this "v" -shaped road allows the sound to be sent to the right speaker, and the other side to send audio to the left speaker. so the sound also becomes stereo. Let's not deviate from the subject, the needle that follows this channel is making noise. just like a sound when you rub your nails on a tree surface. Th…

Top 18 Films in 2018

2018 was an interesting year for cinema. We don't know where to put it. Even if we watch very good foreign films, we stayed in a strange way. 2018 201 We had a reward season with movies and quirkiness left to our taste. We came across unexpected surprises. We wanted to gather the best films of 2018 together with the beautiful feeling that love created for our good foreign films. We listed the films without any order. There are all sorts of things in it. In this respect, no matter what kind of films she really liked, it was a list that everyone could benefit from looking for something to watch with sincere love for cinema. We're starting if you're ready.
1. Upgrade / IMDB Score: 7.6One of the remarkable productions of the past year, Upgrade was the film that allowed the science fiction genre to pass without any harm in 2018. In the near future, the film goes over all our concerns about technology. Control of all aspects of life in the hands of technology, our main character,…

Although 99.99% of the space Why can't we pass through any substance?

Why can't we go through a wall or an object? This question is definitely put in your mind, "" would be nice, "he thought.
Now my knowledge, as we know, is the basic atomic atom that forms the substances. let's go a little back in time and see what kind of information is useful to us. 13.8 billion years ago ... or far back we went a little more recently, 70 thousand years ago. there has been a huge change that separates us from other living things; cognitive revolution! we are trying to make sense of our environment and all beings, including the causes of our existence, which are interesting in this period where we are running after animals to feed, mating to females to mate, climbing to the top of the trees to protect from our predators, and the greatest revolution. our ability to ask questions, to wonder and to interpret by means of this revolution is probably the most precious thing we have. therefore, they should never lose their time and improve continuously…

Can we see dinosaurs looking far enough away from the world with a telescope?

It would be a pretty difficult thing, but it would be nice.
If the telescope is viewed far enough away from the world, can the past events and living things, eg dinosaurs be seen? in theory yes. but this requires very large telescopes. a reddit user has made the necessary calculations:

Considering that the dinosaurs are estimated to have disappeared approximately 65 million years ago, we are looking at our world from a galaxy 65 million light years away to see them. based on the optical resolution formula,
i- To see the world from this distance, there is a need for a lens about 5,8x10 ^ 10 meters. this corresponds to about one third of the distance between the world and the sun.

To see the dinosaurs, a much larger lens is required, approximately 4.4 light-years in size. This is a length greater than twice the solar system. The vuhu !!!
right at this point, trying to fit a huge mass to a small point, a small problem (!) is emerging as causing the formation of black holes. ehh so many f…

Balaeniceps rex

The paw-beaked or lupus stork (Balaeniceps rex) is a strange bird species between the stork and the pelican.
this timid life is genetically belonging to the team of pelicans. latin is balaeniceps rex.

if the beak does not help you to recognize at the first glance, a pair of elephants, which you can expect to have at least one of the elephants as characteristic of the female, will show one of the adult, blue, blue; blue to purple; You can recognize the mordan from the color of the feather returned to the miracle. yet non-adults have brown hairs.
the loneliness and serenity of the bird-pecker; Even when hunting, he must have been able to stand still for a long time, even though he had insisted on not being noticed by any species, and sometimes he had to stand by himself for a long time. the same motto is more striking and inspiring in this bird's reproduction ritual. they are often mixed in groups of storks such as storks or herons or cormorants.

a pair of peg-beaked pairs in their …

An article about how the new era, which began with the agricultural revolution, made people stupid

The agricultural revolution is not actually a simple habit change; a whole new page of the whole life of humanity. The innovations that come with this revolution have been invisible to humanity and still continue to be.
in the name of the revolution, but the most ridiculous movement of humanity. Now let's have a look at what the hunter gatherer was doing. He was constantly chasing the animals he was hunting. they spent five hours a day searching and socializing and making love in the rest of the time. when the food supply in a region decreased, it was trying to find different foods in other regions. mothers nursing their children until the age of four did not give birth frequently. mothers who give milk are less likely to get pregnant. in this way, she was able to raise her children better. In addition, the immune system in children receiving breast milk for a long time was much stronger.

infectious diseases were not very common because they were installed in small groups. most im…

What is LIGO Gravity Waves Observation? (2017 Nobel Prize in Physics)

This observation was honored with the Nobel Prize in physics in 2017, with the existence of gravitational waves (with a accuracy of 99.977%) on 11 February 2016. Let's examine in depth the three discoveries of this great invention, including Kip Thorne, the physics consultant of Interstellar.

The Nobel Prize for Physics this year, LOGO went to Kip Thorne, Rainer Weiss and Barry Barish with observations of gravitational waves.
Dictionary author "diarium", LIGO's working principle is simply explained
The moon revolves around the earth, and the moon and the world revolve around the sun. Why are they returning? because their mass attracts each other (see gravity).

but why do they attract each other?

Albert Einstein found a very simple answer to the theory of relativity. einstein united the three-dimensional space, that is, the length, width and height, together with time in four-dimensional space, and defined gravity as the change of that space time.

According to einstein…

Special military unit to die for protecting Hitler: Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

1. SS Panzer Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" is a special unit whose main task is to protect Adolf Hitler. The story of this unity, which has been proven to be a devotee of the Nazi Party and who is willing to die for Hitler.
Adolf Hitler 's 1924 in the range of 1924 after the outcry in the beer during the pressure of his body was affected by the protection of the elite with a desire to create an elite protection team, the story begins. julius schreck, one of the men he trusts in accordance with this desire. the elim of this elim also reveals herr coming back from exile, the schutz staffel (protection team). I suggest this name in the first World War I in the richthofen fleet in the protection duties I think inspired by the plane.

schreck has set the following criteria when organizing ss kriteri
german race, 25-35 years old, with no record, healthy and strong physics and presence in every election zone except munition maximum 10 infantry + 1 officer. most import…