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The first cry of the baby, the first step of the first smile, the first voice is the happiest moments of mothers and fathers; they will also be memorable memories of their lifetime.
The firsts of babies start from the first moment they come to the world, but it will require the parents to keep them on the alert until 18 months. The first smile of babies will be the first moment that will not be erased from memories and will take place at 1.5-2 months. Thanks to the fact that your puppy can control the eye muscles and some parts of his brain, the smile made by him should definitely be considered as an important development. These months of laughter 4-6 monthsThe words are not enough to express happiness during laughter while the process is laughing with laughter. 4-6 Months of baby saliva will start to spit, as well as the movement of the lips and tongue under the movement should start to know that. In this process, parents should encourage their offspring to sound as it would be useful to support your offspring by making strange noises. In these months, babies will recognize the new world through their mouths. The fact that he sticks his foot in his mouth is primarily caused by his desire to get to know his body and this action will be appreciated. Sucking the feet is not seen in every baby, there is no need to worry about what is seen.
8-10 months of babies and the changes made to show the development of one of your belongings will start to wonder. Especially girls who want to use their mother's belongings throughout their lifetime, especially if you want to take the brush after combing your hair after combing your hair, do not be surprised to scan your baby's hair. Infants who are starting to realize toys even better in 10-12 months period will feel safe when you are not beside them with their toys which they do not want to separate. Cute teddy bear or different cute animal toys will be placed anywhere near them as an indispensable part of babies in these months. During these months, your baby will respond to the kisses he sees from you.
1-year-old children between the first time the "cee-e" game, their responses to the game is immediately noticeable to enjoy this game means you have a happy time. Your baby will also show that with his first age, he has begun to cross his limits trying to look at you between his legs. This movement, which babies find very amusing, will also improve their visual abilities. While they are dancing with music between 14-18 months, they will be able to develop their motor skills with these movements.
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