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The sales rates of 3D TVs, which have taken place in recent years among the TV department of technology stores, are at a high level now. You need to pay large sums and check out some small details of these products before taking them. This is a summary guide for 3D TV reception. Today, getting a 3D TV set is popular among people, and therefore, those who want to change their old TV Set prefer their new TVs from 3D ones. However, considering the price factor, these sets are the most expensive among others. Because the television industry does not yet include super-advanced technology, there are not many options available to customers. Therefore, it is necessary to be a little more careful to choose the best TV among the limited options. How to Buy 3D TV? Is the television set you get is worth the price? Will image quality improve your TV viewing experience? Let's look at these together. A matter of preference 2D TVs are a good choice for most of us need general and ordinary television. For this reason, since 3D image is not a basic need, you can get a quality 2D television instead. But if you want a better video quality, you can meet your need to buy a 3D-enabled TV set. However, it is advisable to consider the prices carefully rather than buying one. Once you decide to buy a 3D TV set, one of the two features you'll need to choose is passive 3D or active 3D. Passive and Active Glasses 3D glasses are required to watch 3D television. For this, two types of spectacles are available: being active and passive [3D Active-passive glasses.jpeg]. Passive glasses are polarized glasses that are cheaper. Active glasses are battery and expensive ones. Active glasses include a signal converter that synchronizes themselves with the television. In 3D TVs, plasma televisions often use active glasses while LCDs use passive goggles. When trying these glasses, you need to test the image from various angles. After testing, choose which is the most comfortable. The screen size is important when importing TV images. Having a much larger screen for a television with 3D is much better in terms of viewing experience. So the recommended screen size for 3D TV is 55 inches and higher. If you want more technical details, please take a TV with a refresh frequency of at least 240 Hz. This feature will reduce motion blur (blur) in scenes with fast movements. I / O Port As known, we check the I / O ports when buying a laptop. We should do the same for 3D television. These ports (inputs) determine the external equipment that we can add to the TV. We need to check whether devices such as a Blu-ray player, DVD player, game console or Home Theater can be included in the television. Depending on whether these features are present or not, it is necessary to evaluate the TV and buy it accordingly.
Secondary Effects According to recent research, 10 percent of people watching 3D television don't actually see the 3D shapes exactly. Another part is nausea, headache, eye scratching etc. such things as uncomfortable. The reason for this is the high-speed and extremely vibrating 3D shapes. So before you buy the 3D TV set you need to watch them for a while and then test your sense of comfort. It is recommended that you monitor for 25-30 minutes without making the final decision and check whether you have any secondary effect. LCD or Plasma? Finally, you have determined the features of 3D TV you will get! Now you have to decide whether this 3D TV will be LCD or Plasma. In general, one of them has no superiority over the other. One of the small things that distinguish these two is the interference rate. Plasma systems make much less noise than LCDs. But it is a well-known fact that the plasma sets are much more cumbersome and spend a lot of electrical energy. There is not much 3D content currently available on the market. The fact that there are not too many channels that give 3D images can hurt you in time. Keep this in mind and get this TV set according to him. A technology called ır Simulation 3D yaygın is commonly available. This technology shows 2D content as 3D. Beware of their original and poor quality. Otherwise, your enjoyment may be awful. Budget One of the most important things you should consider is your budget. 3D TVs can burn your wallet. However, if your financial strength is enough to cover the cost of the 3D kit, you can get it. Otherwise, it is useful to wait for the cheaper sets to be released in the future. All this gives you enough guidance to buy 3D TV and watch the 3D content you have. It is advisable to wait until sufficient content is developed on the market, since there is a scarcity of content in terms of 3D. Before making this decision, we recommend that you think carefully and always measure the degree of your needs without falling into the trap of ads.

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