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A secret room and tunnel, located at 8 meters below the Moon Pyramid in Mexico, gives information on how the Native Americans saw death.

The ancient city of Teotihuacan, which we know as Mexico today, was home to about 125,000 people in its most brilliant period and was one of the busiest centers of the old world.

No one knows exactly where this advanced population is lost; but the discovery of a hidden tunnel beneath the Moon Pyramid in the city and a buried room give new clues about how the ancient Mesoamerican culture saw death.

Veronica Ortega of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (INAH) says these complexes for the sacrifices are the holy center of the city of Teotihuacan.

(Hidden Tunnel Discovered Under The Moon Pyramid In Mexico)

. Everyone used to see this place as the center of attraction of civilization, so anything that can be found in these structures can help us solve this ancient metropolis's relationship with other parts of Mesoamerica, Or says Ortega.

In the official statements on the finds in 2017, researchers clarified new and recent discoveries under the Moon Pyramid, which was built in the 3rd century AD at the latest.

The team discovered a 15-meter-wide secret room, located about 8 meters below the surface, using imaging technology called 'electrical resistance tomography', which allowed scientists to measure the size of structures under the surface and to map them.

The purpose of this room is not yet known, but the researchers suggest that it may have hosted religious rituals for burial ceremonies.

Apart from this room, the team also discovered a tunnel into the underworld where the natives of Teotihuacán, who were connected to the area known as the Moon Plaque, were probably offering their sacrifices according to their understanding of life after death and death.

According to Ortega, in the previous archaeological discoveries in the pyramid a skeleton and a tunnel of green stone pendants and gifts including objects such as mosaics were unearthed. . So it's not that hard to imagine that there might be something like that under the ground, Or says Ortega.

If archaeological excavations show that these tunnels and gates were built to perform the funeral rituals, it will be possible to claim that another function served by these gigantic pyramids was revealed. However, these structures still contain many secrets.

. The discovery can confirm that the great temples of Teotihuacán inhabitants follow the same pattern, and that their function will be to revive the underworld,. Ortega says.

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