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The prototype of SpaceX 's new big rocket was overthrown by the strong wind blowing south of Texas, USA. Photographs from the company's facilities in Boca Chica show crashes on the side of the crashed rocket. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said it would take a few weeks to repair the damage to the fall.

SpaceX's engineers have been working on the prototype of Starship in Boca Chica since the end of last year . With the Starship, previously known as BFR, cargo and people will be transported into Earth's orbit. SpaceX also plans to use this rocket to travel to the Moon and Mars. The system consists of two large parts. Super Heavy is accompanied by a large-fire rocket, Starcraft, and a spacecraft to carry a cargo.

The process of building the prototype starship quite fast it was moving . Elon Musk; He also said that on Twitter on 5 January, SpaceX wanted to do its first test flight in four weeks, but the test could be carried out within 8 weeks because of unforeseen problems. It is clear that one of the unforeseen problems that Musk mentions is the wind.

The CEO of SpaceX said on his Twitter account that he has broken the blocks that allow the wind to blow up to 80 feet per hour . For that reason, Musk stated that the top of the rocket was overturned and underlined that there is no problem in the section where the fuel tanks are in the prototype.

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