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Almost all women and men experience the fear of gaining weight. When they take weight, they seek ways to get rid of these excess weight. Diet programs are more prominent in order to achieve a more subtle, fit, fit and, in particular, an elegant body for women. However, since each experiment is slow to progress, the desired image cannot be obtained quickly and sometimes it can cause mood disorders, it is a more accurate step to apply the weight loss job to life. Thus, the weight loss process will be accelerated and then there will be more happy individuals. You can burn 100 calories without doing some things you do during the day. Here are the recommendations you need to apply to burn 100 calories:
- 15-minute normal tempo bike driving 150 calories, if you knew you would not, we think you would not take the car or bus. Leave public transport and start cycling to your destination. You will receive exact results in a short time.
- Try different activities. For example, go fishing. Every weekend, visit the shopping malls to drain the energy you have loaded and contact with sea or lake water. Throwing fishing rods will cause you to burn more than 100 calories in half an hour.
- If you have a garden, collecting weeds and weeds, relocating your flowers, doing soil and doing many other things will give you natural benefits in burning calories. You'll have a chance to burn almost 125 calories in half an hour with gardening.
- Why do you go up to the upper floors with an elevator and go down the elevator again? It is wrong to use calories that try to burn calories, and in this way you can get lazy. You will get rid of a load between 5 and 10 calories by climbing the stairs.
- You can burn 100 calories in 40 minutes by playing billiards. Get the billiard stick, index the balls and start playing.
- If you skip the rope for 10 minutes, you will give 115 calories. It's up to you to get your rope and start jumping and get away from the calories.
- Chewing gum is also very effective at this point. The 10-minute chewing gum process produces a calorie burning process of around 10 calories.
- The first thing you do when you get up is not having breakfast. When you wake up, a morning walk will help you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes, making you healthier.

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