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The offer was presented for the protection of African elephants from poaching.
Extinct woolly mammoths can gain protection status through an unprecedented attempt to save the African elephant from global ivory trade.
If the proposal is approved, the protection of mammoths of the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Crops (Cites) may be vital to the recovery of modern relatives.
The offer will cover a gap that allows the illegal elephant smuggling to be sold under the guise of a legal mammoth female, which is almost identical.
Iris Ho, senior expert on wildlife programs and policies at Humane Society International, says, arı They're often interwoven with shipping and retail display and are shaped in a similar way. With the untrained eye, it is very difficult to distinguish between them. At the moment, there is no international regulation regime to monitor the mammoth trade. Imi
The annex II protection level for mammoths, which had been extinct some 10,000 years ago, will subject the mammoth female trade to strict regulations. If approved, an extinct species will be protected under the Cites for the first time.
The international elephant trade has been banned since 1990, but the demand for it still leads to the deaths of 30,000 African elephants each year.
HSI President Kitty Block says, daha Ivory smugglers, exploiting extinct mammoths, make it possible for them to benefit more from the endangered elephants. The nations must unite in order to end the pandemic and ensure that all ivory markets are closed. Now it's time to move before the elephants are lost forever. A
The proposal needs support for two-thirds of the parties at the Cites conference in Sri Lanka in May.
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