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1) The biggest living person and primate are living.
2) Unlike most other primates, humans live on the ground.
3) 95% of gorilla DNA is similar to human DNA. This makes him the second-nearest-living human being after the chimpanzee (including bonobo). (Chimpanzees are closer to human beings. According to the gene maps, their affinity is 10 times more than that between mouse and rat, and only 10 times less than that between two people who are not related.
4) Just like people, there are 10 fingers and toes, 32 teeth, eyes facing forward.
5) Up to 7 million years ago the gorillas are separated from the lineage with the next generation. However, matings continued until 5 million years ago when chimps were fully separated. (Yes, even after two distinct types of separation began, we were able to mate for another two million years until this difference became more pronounced.)
6) The gorillas, like humans, each have their own personalities.
7) They can reflect feelings like grief, pain, love.
8) They cleanse each other's hairs and this is an important part of their social lives.
9) They live in male-dominated societies and there are harems gathered around 1 alpha male.
10) Just like people, there are 9 month gestation periods.
11) They can produce simple tools and solve problems with tools.
12) They are generally silent; however, when communicating, they can communicate different states to each other using a combination of many different sequential sounds. (Primitive form of speech)

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