Folding Bike Folding Wheel: REVOLVE

Transportation is a time-consuming issue for those living in crowded cities . If you go to a place on a regular basis and you need to use more than one vehicle, you are increasing the time spent on transportation. This problem is developed to resolve and easy to carry with you to transport vehicles, offers users a significant convenience. With electric and folding  bicycles , hoverboards, scooters and electric skateboards, we've started to reduce the time we spend walking between stops. Even without spending a lot of energy and without the need for urban transportation, it became possible to go somewhere.
There are multiple alternatives to folding bikes that we can easily take to where we go. Since it takes up very little space with its folding structures; You can take with you on your journeys between cities, even when you are going to work or school. However, the wheels of these bicycles, which have a folding structure, can be disturbed by both the design and the user experience, because they remain fixed in size.
Bicycle manufacturers could use 16 and 20-inch wheels to take up less space when they folded . Andrea Mocellin's project REVOLVE, which has been working on it for nearly three years, is presented as a solution to this problem at the manufacturers' front. Thanks to REVOLVE , it is possible to convert the wheels to a better looking and less space-like structure, as well as on bicycles.

Wheel now in new form

With a hexagonal design, REVOLVE has a sleeker design than other bicycle wheels. Andrea Mocellin, who initially started work on designing her own bike, then patented the wheel she designed and decided to commercialize the wheel. In later times, he will continue to work on the tool that can serve all areas that have his own design and which may be needed by a user.
Designed for use in many technological products, not just for bicycles, REVOLVE allows you to save space when larger wheels are used; As for other tools, the subject is creating more use. In the following periods, Andrea Mocellin aims to use REVOLVE in drone technology, in case of travel bags, backpacks used in everyday life, in wheelchairs and in various areas.

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