Causes halitosis and how to remove it?

How is mouth odor removal? What is the exact solution of the bad breath? How to prevent bad breath? Everything you wonder about the smell of mouth is in our content.

Although it is largely dependent on the organs in the oral cavity, the causes are varied. bad halitosis is the term halitosis.

Causes of bad breath
1. Oral cavity welded mouth odors (foeter oris)

dental caries, root residues, unhygienic filling and prostheses, well cleaned prostheses, deep gingival pockets, pulp gangrene, periodontitis, scales, poor oral hygiene, various oral pathologies (syphilis 2nd stage, red, stomatitis simplex etc.)

2. upper respiratory tract-induced bad breaths (foeter narium)

pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, adenoid vegetation, ozena, nasal tumors and cysts, mucosal infections of the esophagus.

3. lower respiratory tract-induced mouth odors

pulmonary abscess, pyogenic lung empyema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis

4. various odors due to systemic diseases

Diseases of the liver: rotten eggs and the smell of sulfur.
kidney diseases: smell of ammonia in people with uremia.
diabetus mellitus: the smell of acetone.
h. pylori infections: bad egg smell.
lung abscesses and bronchitis: rotten meat smell.

5. bad breath due to fever

red, diphtheria, typhoid, fever, chicken pox etc.

6. drugs and metal-related halitosis mercury, lead, tellirium, antiepileptic drugs, diuretic and paraldehyde etc.

7. food and tobacco smells

cheese, scrambled eggs, onions, garlic, sausage, bacon, cigarettes etc.

8. bad breath due to special situations

menstruation, starvation, excess sport, jaundice, carbohydrate diets, c avitaminozu, the onset of menopause.
How does the bad breath go?
halitosis is not just caused by mouth and external; may be a harbinger of a variety of systemic diseases, but if we refer to those who have mouth caused people who complain of bad breath brushing the teeth of the habit of thinking that they will pass, but there are also varieties of plaque. It does not come off completely with 2-3 day plate scrubbing. If you look at the combination of gum and outer, you can see it as a line. External stones are already difficult to remove by people other than ideas such as heated needles.

If you brush your teeth regularly and very well, you can see even when you use the outer rope that there are food scraps on them and let them smell one! it smells so bad, it's like the inside smells when your pavement falls.

Do not forget to brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. go over it a few times without pressing too much because it is very suitable for bacterial involvement with its protruding structure.

Coatings also smell. Even if we check in rehearsals even a natural tooth is not like a rough transition between the teeth and the coating. If the clearance is large, our bonding agent is soluble over time and the resulting residues settle into food residues.

bruises and badly made fillings can also make odor as it causes food involvement.

After all of them are eliminated, there is no such thing as bad breath but unfortunately. the reason may not be caused by the oral cavity, as we have said in the beginning.

detuned radio

called sinusitis, inflammation in the space in the bones of the face bones, yellow-green and a thick consistency leads to the flow of a stream. of course, this nasal discharge is inflamed because the patient's breath gives an unpleasant smell.

firstly it is treated with medical methods. that is, try to eliminate this inflammation through drugs. In cases of advanced sinusitis, discharge will not be treated with ik endoscopic sinus surgery it.

tonsil inflammation in the mouth region leads to a solid rou- ble tonsil rash called 'magma', which manifests itself in patients with bad breath. can be treated by removal of tonsils.

tooth and gum disease can also cause breathing. it is imperative to go to the dentist regularly.

diseases related to the stomach and intestinal system can also be a problem of bad breath. If you are sure of everything about the mouth and the smell still persists, you should go to the internal medicine department and be examined.

adult patients also observed and more serious cases are also involved. In the mouth, throat and lower respiratory tract regions, it is also possible to show a problem of breathing odor related to the tumor. 'ulceration', so called crater-like tumor can not keep up with the rapid growth of the dead tissue created by the odor type.
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