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Plastic pollution is a big and important problem that we hear very often these days, we continue to consume this density and we will continue to hear more if our sustainable solutions are not produced. So what is the plastic that can threaten humanity so seriously, yet it is consumed so much that it can circle the earth four times, which makes up 10% of the total waste we produce?

What is Plastic?

"Plastic; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements called monomer; It is the name given to the materials obtained by transforming the bond in a simple structure into a long, chained structure called a polymer, which is broken down in a group of molecules. In other words, plastic is not readily available in nature. It should be emphasized that the plastic chemicals can be absorbed by the body, some compounds found in the plastic change hormones or have many effects that threaten the health.

Plastic Consumption in Serious Sizes

According to National Geographic, each year, approximately 18 billion tons of plastic waste is dumped to the oceans from the coastal areas. All these plastic materials cause serious damage to all living creatures in the ocean. Many species are seriously endangered, from corals to turtles to plastic bags, to turtles, to whales and nautical birds that are unable to get real food because their stomach is filled with plastic waste. New research is emerging on the impact of plastic wastes on the long-term impact on the food chain in the oceans, and there is an increasing number of questions on how it can ultimately affect human health and food safety.

We Can't Recycle

In the last 10 years in the world, we know that more plastics are produced than the last century. Approximately 40% of the plastic produced is used for packaging, and most of them are disposed of only once. While many countries and businesses are working to reduce awareness and use of recycling, we can only convert 5% of the plastics we use.

Australia's Simple But Effective Solution

This summer, an effective filtration system was developed in Australia to help solve the plastic waste problem. This is a very simple method of collecting large wastes and preventing filtration of harmful wastes into the sea. Authorities from the city of Kwinana, Henley Reserve's drainage pipe in the network placed in the waste debris collected from the water to prevent harmful wastes into the water and pollute the environment. When the nets are filled with waste, they are brought to a special center where they are separated as special waste or recycled garbage trucks. In the first two weeks, only two filters and more than 800 kilos of garbage from the nature of the Australian authorities who managed to remove this system decided to apply all over the city. Considering the assembly and manufacturing costs, 10 per each network.

Simple Solution

This filtering system is a proof that even with such simple applications, it can make a huge difference and help us improve our lives while protecting our environment. We hope that such practices, sustainable methods, individual and social awareness will increase.
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