6-Pointed Star Symbol and Unknown

Some of the symbols present today have universal meanings, but these symbols have survived to the present throughout human history for many years. In terms of communication, these special symbols, which have no language but can be very meaningful, are also very interesting subjects in terms of their characteristics. One of the most known symbols around the world, which is one of the most universal symbols with all these features, is the 6-pointed star symbol formed by the interlocking of two equilateral triangles. The other name of this star is Hexagram. When the 6-pointed star symbol is seen, minds first come to mind the concepts of Israel and Judaism. The reason for this is that this symbol is on the Israeli flag. For this reason, the 6-pointed star symbol has become a symbol identified with the State of Israel and Judaism. In terms of society, this symbol is evaluated in this way. But this symbol is more complex and mysterious. Therefore this evaluation remains quite incomplete. Because this symbol, which is now on the flag of the State of Israel, is used in many artworks during the Ottoman Empire, this symbol has been used even in mosques. Because this symbol is a very important and valuable symbol in the religion of Islam. The symbol of the 6-pointed star means the seal of the Prophet Muhammad in the religion of Islam. For this reason, this symbol has been highly valued in the old Turkish States and in the Ottoman Empire, and this symbol has been used in ancient times even in the clothes of the sultans. This symbol, which is the seal of the Seal of Solomon, Solomon in Islam, is the symbol of Hz. This symbol is Hz. This prophet took the place on the ring of Solomon, and by this ring he ruled the world. Hühr-ü Solomon, Allah's CELÂL and CEMÂL also means the adjectives. It is also said that Hz. Suleyman speaks to the animals through this ring. Today, this symbol, which is identified with the State of Israel and Judaism, has also taken place in the flags and banners of the former Turkish States. One of the best examples of this is the flag of the Karamanoğlu Principality. This flag has a 6-pointed star symbol. The Karamanoğlu Principality is a Turkish State that lived in Anatolia and is considered to be the most powerful state of Anatolia in the 13th century. This symbol is also used in the Sanjak of the Teke Principality. This ruler ruled the Mediterranean region and a crescent was placed on every corner of the symbol symbolizing the Islamic tribes and religion. This symbol has also been used in the sanjak of Candaroğlu principality. This symbol, which is a very old history when considered in history, has been seen as an important symbol in the religion of Islam, and in some banners, even the names of 4 Caliphs, which have a very important place in Islam, have been written. If you look at why the symbol has become the symbol of the Israeli flag, it is because of the Old Caspian tribes. As it is known, the origin of most of the Jews in the world on the earth comes from the Jewish Khazar Turks. When we look at why this symbol is blue in the Israeli flag, the blue color is the sign of God in almost all Turkish tribes. Today, the triangular star symbol, together with two triangles, was used as a motif in Mühr-ü Süleymandır and most of the mosques from the Ottoman period.


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