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What is a 3D Printer? 3D printers have been widely used for the last ten years. Three-dimensional printers designed with a model designed as a real product. Three-dimensional design that users have designed with three-dimensional design programs or downloaded over the internet, thanks to these printers can be in minutes. Materials required to print from three-dimensional printers; computer drawing, raw material and three-dimensional printer. It is stated that the three-dimensional printers, whose price is more than normal printers, will enter our lives much more widely in the coming years. Car Tire Produced with a Three-Dimensional Printer Three-dimensional printers, which have entered every point of our lives, started to show in the automobile sector as well. Michelin, which has a great reputation in the geographic sense especially in France and Europe and has played a role in the world tire leadership market, introduced the first car tire produced using 3D printer. Michelin; Vision introduced the prototype tire manufactured in three-dimensional printer in Montreal. If the tire shown in this demonstration is put into use in our normal lives, the car owners will not need to change their vehicle tires for a long time. Even though the change of the tires depends on the conditions of use, it needs to be changed every five years. From this perspective, three-dimensional printers will be both economic and user-friendly and environmentally friendly. Non-Explosive Automobile Tires Coming The tires produced with three-dimensional printers have a very different structure than traditional tires. Thanks to the sensors located on the tires, all information about the tire can be reached instantly. It can also easily return to its lost structure due to friction. These tires take their inspiration from nature and never explode. Therefore, there is no need to inflate. It's not a bad description of the human lung. Tires acting as lungs can be controlled by users through special applications. Also users can order tires according to their driving characteristics with these application programs. These tires have a structure that can be separated by bacteria. This feature is remarkable in terms of nature friendly tire. Because, in its construction, materials such as bamboo, paper, tin, wood, plastic are used. Unlike the tires we use today, these tires can be easily recycled when they are finished. Although it now exists as a prototype, it promises great hopes for the protection of nature. It is stated that Vision prototype tires, which attract great attention in terms of feature, production, user and nature friendly, can be used in the next ten years.

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