250 Million Years After the Reunion of All Continents Supergoda: Pangea Ultima

As you know, the continents on Earth are constantly on the move, even though we are not aware. That is why, after about 250 million, the Earth will look much different
50 million years later, after 50 million years, the atlantic ocean will expand and further away from north africa (formerly new york and morocco). while in the southern hemisphere, australia will hit southeast asia. in Europe, Africa will move north and close the Mediterranean. it will be known as the mediterranean mountains and a mountain range as high as the himalayas. (Istanbul will be erased from the earth.) It will extend from Spain to South Africa, Middle East and Asia. 100 million years later, after 100 million years, the power of continental mobility will make the earth unrecognizable. the atlantic expansion will continue. but a precipitate area will form along the western coastline. The first sign of this can be seen in the Puerto Rico pit in the Caribbean.
the pit will extend to the north and south east coast of north and south america. this large sedimentary area will lead Europe and Africa to America by consuming the atlantic ocean. 250 million years later, after 250 million years, intergalactic explorers will encounter a different planet than their record when they return to their homeland. if we are living now, we will be nothing but fossils. there will no longer be 7 continents, but a large part of the earth, where a large part of the land is gathered: pangea ultima.
they can find a deserted and frozen world. The explorers will explore what remains of our cities, but when Europe and America collide, all the countries along the coast will slowly disappear.
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