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Diet, especially women, including people who give importance to the outward appearance is a form of feeding from time to time. The diet is wide and the tree is like a very branch. the root is the same, but the branches extend to different and different places. So there are a lot of diet and application methods. But the root of all of them are the same thing. Live healthy and look beautiful. These are the sugar diet. Those who apply sugar diet only take 21 days in total. The 21-day sugar diet is also a diet. The sugar diet is actually a weight loss and health diet that can be applied by both diabetes patients and normal people. With the 21-day sugar diet, both targeted to be healthy and fast and permanent weight loss was targeted and successful. This diet differs slightly from other diet exercises. The 21-day sugar diet has its own weekly exercises and rules. This diet program, which is aimed at the burning of oils accumulated in the waist and back region, also offers the key to a healthy life. It is preferred by people who do not have any chronic disease other than diabetes and who do not have to use medication continuously. This diet program consists of twenty-one days in total. Things that need attention when applying are quite simple. During this diet, absolutely no sugar and sugar-containing foods should be consumed and also made of flour and flour (bread, pastry, soup, etc.) is prohibited. However, it is forbidden to have a sugar content in all fruits except pepino for twenty-one days. In this twenty-day diet, it is possible to give at least 4 and at most 7 kilos at the end of 21 days by taking all nutrients (useful carbohydrate, protein and calcium) in a sufficient and balanced way except for the foods mentioned above. It is very easy to lose weight quickly and permanently by placing healthy foods on the ground by withdrawing from the diet of foods that are inconvenient to eat only. The main reason for this diet for a total of 21 days is that it does not reverse the body by adversely affecting the body resistance and health. At the same time, the body's commands to the brain only become clear and sit in three weeks. In other words, it is very important to complete this three-week period for this way of feeding to become a lifestyle. 21-day sugar diet should be taken into account when: - the first five days of weakness and excessive tali request is normal. a cup of cinnamon tea can be drinked daily to suppress it. - In the case of extreme and disturbing crises, one fruit (apple, pear, oranges) can be added as a priority. however, if there is still an ongoing request, it is necessary to visit the physician. - Carbohydrates are addictive because of the first five days of sugar ups and downs are normal. it has to be controlled. - When performing this diet, especially severe cardio exercises should not be performed. - A minimum of 150 minutes and a maximum of 420 minutes per week. - No matter what you eat, it is better to set it at 7 at the latest in winter and 7 at the latest.

21 day sugar diet sample list

In the morning 07:30
A cup of tea with cinnamon milk and two pieces of walnut

Midnight 10:00
One egg with plenty of greens (algae, mint, parsley)

Lunch 12:00 or 13:00
Middle size plate of vegetables or 7 spoons of dry legume meal
One big buttermilk or one medium yogurt

Late afternoon break 15:00
15 pieces of raw almond or half cup
A cup of coffee and coffee without sugar

Dinner 18:00 or 19:00
Dish of vegetables on a plate
Salad of yogurt in a serving bowl

A cup of carnation and cinnamon tea before going to bed at night

It is a typical list of sugar diet which is very effective in weight loss. Everyday meals should be prepared based on this List.

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