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In 1972, there was a dramatic plane crash in world history. Some of the passengers lost their lives as a result of this accident to survive in the flesh of their friends who had to eat had to eat. The reason I say friends is that the ones on the plane are the players of the National Rugby Team of Uruguay. The airplane of Fairchild FH-227, numbered 571, connected to the Uruguay Air Force, was aired on 13 October 1972 to transport the countries from Uruguay to the neighboring country of Chile for an event in which they would leave Uruguay National Team athletes tragically. na. This accident is also called ”Andean Mountains Accident Accident Bu. After the tragic accident on October 13, the plane crashed into the Ant Mountains. During the accident, the tail part of the plane was hit by one of the peaks of the Andes, and the tail part of the plane was separated from the body. People living in this section lost their lives there. The ones sitting in the middle and front rows of the aircraft were seriously injured as a result of the drifting of the aircraft on the ice. In many of these individuals, traumas due to internal bleeding were observed. There are also those who are not injured in any way. They are the lucky ones and they are saved.
Among the 45 people on the plane were the National Rugby team of Uruguay, as well as the friends and friends of the players and a crew of 5. When the plane crashed, 29 of these people had survived. The pilots had lost their lives in the accident. Although the search and rescue work began on October 13, 1972, the plane crashed into the Andes Mountains and the plane crashed. When the flight data logger of the aircraft was examined, it was understood that the pilot error was caused by the accident. In the first days of the accident, the survivors were waiting for search and rescue teams and they could not resist the harsh weather conditions. At night, the survivors spent on the solid body of the aircraft gathered all the food and drinks from the baggage they found, but they were finished in a short time.

First and foremost, the survivors began to lose their lives one by one, and then they witnessed the deaths of hunger. Then some of his friends who had to eat the flesh had to eat and thus managed to survive. After a while a group of people who decided that there would be no one to save them, they tried to get rid of the scene and the Andes prevented it. The search and rescue team rescued 16 survivors on December 23, 1972, exactly 72 days after the accident. 13 people survived the accident and died later. This tragic accident took place in the history of the world and also in 1993, the movie ve Yaşamak İçin / Alive İçin was shot in memory of the victims and the dead and starring the world-famous Hollywood star Ethan Hawke.

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