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Cold winter days arrived, instead of spending time outside, we prefer to escape our homes urgently. In this respect, the hours we spend to watch TV or movies are increasing. What do you think about improving your movie or series viewing in your home? If you are ready to open the mouth of this pouch, we will offer you the ı x product inden that will reinforce the enjoyment of the movie from the popcorn machine to the TV chair. Let's start ordering our product recommendations without further ado.

1. Philips 55PUS7303/12 55″ 139 Ekran 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

What do you need first to enjoy a movie at home? Of course, watching your eyes as you can not take quality images, reflecting the environment to have a television. The TV, which we recommend to you on our list, will be the 55-inch 139-screen 4K Ultra HD smart TV with the code Philips 55PUS7303 / 12. The main reason why we recommend this television is that it reflects high quality 4K Ultra HD images in eye-catching colors. Apart from this, the fact that the television offers practical features by working with the Android operating system and the Ambilight technology provides a unique ambience. This television will definitely make you happy if you want to enjoy maximum enjoyment while watching a good movie.

2. ViewSonic PX702HD projection device

If you are planning to have a large screen in the size of your room that no television can reach, you need a projector. ViewSonic PX702HD, capable of projecting sharp Full HD images in diagonal size up to 7 meters, is capable of transforming your home into a movie theater. Since it has an HDMI port on it, this projection device that connects to almost all computers and TV boxes on the market will take you to different worlds when you reach your seat. Remember, you can also contribute to your family budget if you stop going to the cinema after getting a projection device in your home. Apart from this, you will never see in the movie theaters or YouTube channels on your wall in a gigantic viewing will be completely different.

3. Peak M150 305 x 229cm (150 inch) motor controlled projection screen

If you've used your preference on the giant screen, the projection device is a product that will add pleasure to your pleasure. Peak brand's M150 projection screen will allow you to see the actual image quality of your projector and you will not need to paint your wall in white. The projection screen, which has almost three times the diagonal width of the televisions with the title of i big screen hav on the market, provides a very cool cinema experience with its motorized and controlled structure. If you want to move the white screen to your home you must crown your projection device with this projection screen.

4. Sony HT-RT4 5.1 channel 600W true surround Bluetooth / NFC soundbar sound system

Whether you want a TV or a projector, you'll need a good sound system for an enjoyable movie experience. Sony's HT-RT4 code called 5.1-channel 600 W true surround soundbar sound system is activated at this point. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, this audio system, which you can easily manage via your smartphone, will bring joy to your enjoyment by offering full-buzzing surround sound. The only problem that the soundbar sound system with 600 W sound power can make is the neighbors' complaint. If you buy this system, try not to bother too much.

5. Enza Enric TV Chair

You know, there are those seats in those American movies that we see in the TV shows, koltuk Here's one of those joy seats. Enza Enric TV chair, or the so-called f Enric Dad Seat TV is a great option for those who want to increase their enjoyment of the movie. With its openable structure, wooden skeleton and comfortable filling material that allows you to extend your feet, this seat will allow you to relax while watching movies. Come to work, sit on your seat, take control of your hands, extend your feet and get rid of all the troubles of life for a while.

6. Ashley Furniture Brassville dual TV chair

It is a fact that getting a TV chair brings pleasure to your enjoyment, but if you don't live alone at home you will get a fight. The Ashley Furniture Brassville dual TV chair is a marvelous option if you want to move to the top to enjoy watching movies with your partner, lover or best friend. The master seat, which allows you to extend the legs in both seats, promises you a great comfort to cool you off the seats of the movie theaters.

7. Dekorum this retro italian design side table

A nice side table next to a beautiful TV chair is worth a visit. Food, drinks, junk food, tablets, phones, such as many things on the table by putting the reward you can reward yourself. Dekorumbu's retro-styled C-shaped side stand offers both ease of use and advantageous design.

8. Ann Ross Cozzy Digital Printed Pillows

The soft, soft cushions you will take to your seats will certainly make you happy if you like to watch a movie by hugging your pillow. Ann Ross Cozzy digital printed pillows not only provide comfort, but also add color to the environment with their modern and fun designs. Moreover, the prices of these products are not bad. Take as much hand as you can, color your seats, and enjoy your movie nights.

9. English Home Snowman TV blanket

Cold winter days are not film-free, if you don't want to sleep while watching a movie, you can't have a blanket. A TV blanket that you can't afford with sweet or sweet design is waiting for you at English Home. This warm-up TV blanket by Snowman is a great option to turn cold winter days into enjoyable movie hours.

10. Ikea PS 2017 Silicone Cups with Lid

Drinking something while watching a movie is a great pleasure for us all. Whether you prefer cold drinks or hot beverages; Our desire is to keep our drink at ideal temperature and not disturb our hand. Ikea offers a great solution in this regard and winks at us with the PS 2017 code. Ikea PS 2017 film, which you can use as a standard cup or as a thermos with silicone coatings, guarantees to enjoy your enjoyment.

11. Arzum Ar258 Patcorn oiled popcorn machine

What comes to mind first when it comes to film? Of course popcorn! The easiest way to make popcorn in your home is to buy a popcorn machine. Arzum's Ar258 Patcorn popcorn machine enables you to watch movies while popping corn and popping your hot popcorn, whether it's greasy or oil-free. The biggest advantage of having a popcorn machine is to get rid of the hassle of washing the contaminated pots that come out after popping corn. Besides, these machines aren't expensive.

12. Senox MB-48 glass mini bar fridge

Yes, we're aware, the job has gone crazy and we've escaped a lot of luxury. On our list, we've been rattled around and we're talking about a mini bar fridge that we're now on the edge of our seat. It will be a great pleasure to have your ice-cold drinks right under your hand, especially on hot summer days. The end of this is laziness and weights come!

13. Philips HD7462 / 20 filter coffee machine

Fill the juice and coffee into your machine, press the button on your filter coffee machine. Isn't that a good scenario? This scenario stands as a purchase key and you have a Philips HD7462 / 20 filter coffee machine. You should definitely have such a machine in order to not sleep, to make long film nights.

14. Philips Hue V4 color smart starter set 3-way E27

Do you want to warm up the ambience? Should we do the lighting on our house with the remote? Should our house be enlightened with the color we want at any time? If your answer to these questions is a big ue yes Philips, let us enjoy the pleasure and let you introduce the Philips Hue V4 starter kit. Consisting of three smart bulbs, one control center and one remote control, this lighting set will add a whole new level to your room. Thanks to this set, you can start your movie by gently dimming the environment by touching the button with a single touch.

15. Hotpoint K002927 Wi-Fi Smart Plus 12.000 BTU A+++ klima

The weather isn't always cold, the blanket is in the closet, and we're still alone with the hot. If you want to enjoy your movie enjoyment in every season, whether it's a warm or cold atmosphere, it is good to buy an air conditioner. Hotpoint's intelligent air conditioning with code number K002927 is one of the ideal options for living in an ideal temperature and clean air. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can also control the distance from work to home, you can cool or warm your room when you go home, the moment you step home, you can start watching movies in the desired temperature environment. In addition, this air conditioning A +++ energy saving feature will not force your budget too much.

16. TP-Link Archer VR1200 AC 1200 Mbps wireless dual band Gigabit VDSL/ADSL modem router

If you are watching your movies via Netflix or similar Internet-connected service providers, you should definitely have a high-end modem / router in your home. If you want to experience a seamless, streamlined and high-quality visual experience while watching movies over the Internet, you are connected to a modem no matter how good your TV or projector is. TP-Link's next-generation Modem / Router modem, called Archer VR1200, offers the highest-performance Internet experience over either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels or via an Ethernet connection. You will need a good internet connection for a good movie enjoyment, never ignore this investment.
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