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Babies are, of course, the most beautiful creatures in the universe. This beauty is also folded with the structures and feelings of neediness. Babies are classified by age groups. Because babies are miniature human beings, they have psychological reactions according to their behavior and behavior.
It is very easy to understand the psychology of infants in the mother's womb because of the many events that are affected by the stages of pregnancy and the reactions of the baby after birth. The period of 0-2 years of infancy is quite important and the period in which the mental structure is most expanded. Psychological traumas that started in the mother's womb negatively affect the children and, of course, are effective in the 0-2 years of life. Conversely, the mother of a mother who has never experienced any problems during pregnancy progresses with a very positive development after birth. This continues in 0-2 years.
However, there are many external factors that are very important in brain development of infants 0-2 years old. the first of them is the mother lap and temperature. The most important thing for 0-2 years old babies is their mothers' arms and temperature. It is also used as the number one silencer of crying crises in response to many events. Because 0-2 years old babies can only calm down by feeling that the mother is safe in her lap. 0-2 age group babies are aware of many events and can be very comfortable. In general, this group does not have a strictly behavioral style of infants react to the events but cry. In the later years, it can also be determined by the disorder or incompatibility in its behavior. So what are the babies with group 0-2?

Activities that negatively affect the 0-2 year olds:
- Not seeing enough attention and love
- Not being able to get enough breastmilk (there is also a psychological effect of breastmilk, other than nourishment).
- Not being able to spend enough time with Mother
- Adverse events in the home (they are aware of everything)
- Mother's negative feelings and thoughts (babies imitate their mothers in an instinctive way, so they feel and imitate it in the same way in stress)
Excessive noise and disturbing tone of voice in the environment of the baby also affect him negatively.
The psychology of the 0-2 age group is adversely affected by a number of factors listed above. Infants with miniature humans have their own inner world. In this case, it is very useful to keep our little friends who are new to the world away from the negativities. In addition, in order to be positive babies, babies should be given special times and they should be kissed and kissed.

Growing with abundant love, babies will become loving positive individuals in the future. Lastly, it is not just a contrived thing for a baby to be free of negativity. If a family contains individual individual individuals in the family, it is peaceful in the family. It should not be forgotten that an unhappy and unhappy person can only grow happily and happily. Thus, it is necessary to offer a nice touch to the psychology of infants starting from the big ones.
(All babies grow with love)

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