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Cu Chi Tunnels Used as Infiltration Tool to US Headquarters in Vietnam War

Tunnels, which the Vietnamese digged according to their own body structures and equipped them with their great engineering numbers, are one of the important reasons of US defeat.
Against the embarrassing occupation of the American, the tunnels of Vietnam, where the people of Vietnam have made a great example of engineering and are devastating American soldiers, are horizon. or with original name; Cu chi tunnels.

approximately 200-250 km long. construction lasted almost 25 years. these tunnels stretched to america headquarters. vietnamese troops broke into the headquarters of american headquarters at midnight, and then disappeared through tunnels they dug. the coniler was fighting against the windmills.
Now let's see how Vietnamese guys built these tunnels?
First of all, it is necessary to know that Vietnamese people dig these tunnels according to their petite body structures and Americans will not fit.

These tunnels consisted of 3 layers, 3, 6 and 8 meters below the ground. It wa…

Towards the End of the 20th Century, a Well-Growing Political Concept: Irredantism

An enlightening concept that we can relate to many tribes in history.
How did it come out?
In English, irredentism, which is derived from the Italian "terra irredentia" pattern, means "unredeemed land", for the first time in the Italian-speaking, austrian and Swiss controlled lands, because the leaders of the time had some nationalist ideas, such as putting together all the brothers who spoke Italian. if we briefly refer to this concept as çilik wanting to bring the lands under the sovereignty of another state into its own land gres, this is both incomplete and slightly wrong because irredentism, despite the aggressive aspects of modern nationalism, is still by the imperialist states before the concept of ları nationalism bu emerges. it was already used as a means of verifying its own policies. (see crusades) (see holy land)
this concept is generally a concept that can be motivated by two objectives
the first of these aims is to increase the power and wealth neede…

Germany and 9 European Countries Medium-Range Infrared Missiles with Shock Capabilities: IRIS-T

IRIS-T, which is the product of a consortium led by Germany, has really many wonderful qualities.
is a missile that will replace aim-9 sidewinder missile produced by a german-led consortium iris-t.

briefly known as aim-9, short-range heat-sensitive missiles, called as aim-9, have been operating in 30 different air forces with minimum airframe change since 1956. it is relatively inexpensive and since only 10% of the produced aim-9 is used, we can think that the producers of iris t missiles no longer need the cheap-cost short-range missile. Although the platforms and their range are similar, an aim-9 missile costs 85 thousand dollars and an iris t costs 400,000 euros.
Why was it needed? used by our country and the latest model aim-9x 200 units ordered by sidewinder can not do three and a half times what the iris t can do? In order to respond to these, it is necessary to look at the existing inventories of the air force. For example, if we take the Vietnam War, which climbs the climax o…

For Those Who Don't Know Where to Start: Most Viewed Japanese Movies

You've been keen on Japanese cinema, but you can't decide where to start; perhaps this list may be of interest dair With Japanese cinema, it is possible to learn a lot about Japanese history and Japanese culture. The Japanese cinema, which lived its brightest period in the 1950s, never gave up even in the 1980s, if it had little, little blows ... Here are 19 Japanese films and IMDB scores:

1. The Sacrament / The Yellow Race (1950) - 8.3  A body found in the jungle… The raped wife of the deceased and the effort of all cabas to find those who made this terrible attack m Three witnesses: a traveler, a peasant and a bandit. The fact that these three people who received their testimony and the woman who had been raped told the events in another way would make the situation inevitable. Who's the killer? Who committed the crime?

2. Living / Ikiru (1952) - 8.3 Living is an ordinary man who goes to work every day and has no expectations from life. He is questioning the meaning of …

No modern and ancient language connected isolated Language: Sumerian

sümerce is one of the rare languages ​​of the world that could not be found in a certain connection with any ancient or modern language. it is a dead language that can only be associated with the Turkish and Ural-Altaic languages. This is an enlightening, clear and easy-to-understand article about these relations. I wrote a homework on the occasion, I'm shortening. get my gift to the dictionary:

Mesopotamia, one of the most important pioneers of civilization in the Sumerian language spoken and written by the Sumerian until the present day has been the subject of various research. There are many problems that are the focus of the discussions, but the most important of these is the origin of the Sumerians and the Sumerian. Today, Sumerian is a rare language that has not been found in any language or language family with any living or dead language. There have been many studies on this subject since the 1980s; the most interested and supportive of these theories is the theory that o…

Benchmark of Two Countries: German Engineering vs. Japanese Engineering

As a country that likes comparison, we compare these two countries that stand out in engineering. When we think about it, it is possible to make really good conclusions on engineering.
In the early 1800s, while the Ottomans, Russia and China experienced a westernization movement, Japan also had its share of this movement. cultures like the Ottomans and Chinese "Westerners take the technique, but let's not take the culture and morality," he said, while the Japanese "get what is in the west, let's buy something on our own" they said. The Japanese, who sent many representatives and observers to Europe, were most admired by the technicians and scientists of the Germans, and in the second half of the 1800s, German admiration began in the Japanese. After that, the Japanese brought money, teachers, physicians, doctors and scientists from Germany and began to educate their people on science and technical issues. the japanese, who added their own techniques to the …

Most Effective Natural Fat Burners

There are very few people who do not complain of fats. Almost everyone, whether overweight or not, has searched for food that once consumed fat. Some foods are preferred because they are more effective in burning fat than others. Foods that will combat fat deposits in the body and provide a healthy diet are:
Greek YogurtGreek yogurt has about twice the protein of other yogurts. Because it takes longer to digest, it gives a feeling of satiety longer. Because the protein content of carbohydrate is higher than the amount of calories burned. Oil-free, low-fat and low-sugar types are available on the market.
KinoaKinoa (keen-wa) is considered to be a star among the diet regimen diets for weight loss. This whole grain contains 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in a cup. In addition, the content of iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E are available. The kinoa is a food that can be cooked as easy as rice. For a quick dinner, some vegetables, hazelnuts and lean protein, quinoa, mixed with fa…

Emotions and Emotional Response Types

Emotions manage people's daily lives to a great extent. They make decisions based on whether they are happy, angry, sad, bored, or angry. And they organize events based on the emotions they encourage, and they even choose hobbies. Every day, people spend an enormous time witnessing the emotions of others, interpreting what these signals might mean, how to respond to their complex emotional experiences and how to deal with it. So, esinde What are the emotions and responses that play an important role in life orientation? Is there a role for culture in emotions and responses? Is it possible to discover feelings? Ün emotions should be recognized in order to find answers.
Defining EmotionsAccording to Don Hockenbury and Sandra E. Hockenbury's book ”Discovering Psychology en; A subjective experience is a complex psychological condition with three different components in a physiological response and a meaningful behavioral response. The researchers tried to explain what the emotions …

Ancient Bird Fossils Had Interesting Feathers

The sky was over a hundred million years ago, full of birds, whose long hairs in the tail were reminiscent of paper strips and much more different than what we saw today.
Now, paleontologists have reached precisely preserved plumage in 31 amber fragments from the Cretaceous Period in Myanmar. The unique three-dimensional protection pattern shows that the feather structures are completely different from the texture of modern hairs. He also cites the use of feathers as a means of defense to prevent predators.

Such tail feathers, which are much longer than the body, are found in the first bird fossils in China. An example of this is the 125-million-year-old Confuciusornis sanctus fossil. At the same time, some of the feathered dinosaurs may have long tail feathers.

Scientists thought that feathers had different patterns and that these patterns were similar to the patterns that could be observed in some modern hummingbirds and birds of paradise, but that these patterns were observed in f…