Your Body Stimulates You - 9 Signs That Your Gluten Sensitivity Is

Gluten sensitivity is also known as secret killer because it causes chronic damage to the body. Most people don't even know there's such a problem.
We wanted to share with you the 9 most prominent signs of gluten sensitivity.

What is gluten sensitivity?

Gluten sensitivity, also known as celiac disease, is a proof that your body has a gluten protein problem.
Since the body cannot digest some nutrients in a healthy way, inflammation in the small intestine occurs.

Could it be a marketing tactic?

The number of people with gluten sensitivity is increasing day by day. The food sector has also followed this well and is launching more gluten-free products.
Gluten sensitivity is a real discomfort. MindBodyGreen'den according to what is not sensitive to some gluten-free food, but they spend extra money.
In the following years, the number of gluten-free products is expected to decrease.
9 signs of gluten sensitivity:

1- Digestive system disorders

The most common symptoms of gluten sensitivity are diarrhea, constipation and stomach swelling.
Of course, these can be a symptom of other diseases. Even gluten sensitivity is sometimes confused with sensitive bowel syndrome. According to statistics, between 10% and 15% of the world population had sensitive bowel syndrome. The correct diagnosis is very important.

2- Weight loss without weight

Gluten sensitivity can also cause you to lose weight.
There are also metabolic disorders and inflammation.

3- Headaches without any reason

Did you know that people with gluten sensation have more headaches?
30-60 minutes after consuming gluten-containing foods immediately headaches. The solution is to focus on gluten-free foods.

4- Hormonal diseases

There is a direct link between gluten sensitivity and hormonal diseases. Irregular menstruation, premenstrual syndrome and some of these indicators of sleep disorders.
The reason for gluten sensitivity is more serious during adolescence, pregnancy and menopause.

5- Abnormalities in central nervous system

Gluten sensitivity causes inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, patients may experience impaired concentration, depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. Patients with gluten sensitivity often complain that their concentration is impaired.
Another issue that patients complain about is migraine.
The simple way to understand that migraine is caused by gluten sensitivity is whether you consume gluten before your headache.

6- Skin and nail disorders

The problems in the skin have a direct connection with gluten sensitivity. Are your hands on your hands, on your chest, face, hips, elbow, and forehead of your forehead?
These may be signs of eczema and psoriasis, as well as signs of gluten sensitivity, also known as celiac disease.
Another symptom is the fragile and weak nails.
It is possible to get rid of these symptoms by eating gluten-free food.

7- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Another symptom of gluten sensitivity is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

8- Unhealthy teeth

People with gluten sensitiveness cannot digest the necessary minerals and cause problems in their teeth. Since the body cannot get calcium, teeth cannot develop in a healthy way.
If you think your teeth are unhealthy even if you take good care of your teeth, you may have gluten sensitivity.

9- Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is seen in people with gluten sensitivity because intestines cannot digest iron in sufficient proportion.
In children and adults with untreated gluten sensitivity, iron and vitamin deficiency is seen.

Do you have any treatment?

First of all, you don't think you have a gluten sensitivity immediately when you have some symptoms. Diagnosis of the disease can be made by your doctor, blood test or gastroscopy.
Just before the test, you must consume gluten. So the diagnosis can be put right.

2- From your life:


Which of the above do you have?

Share people to become conscious about their gluten sensitivity.

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