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Most people have heard the name of Kate Moss once in their lives. Because, Kate Moss has taken her place in the middle of our lives with her style, life and sensational decisions besides her challenging beauty. Still, some of us have never heard of Kate Moss, or she doesn't know enough about Kate Moss. If your aim is to get to know Kate Moss a little bit, you're on the right page.

Who is Kate Moss?

Kate Moss, born 16 January 1974, is a Capricorn. Moss, who began modeling at the age of 14 when she was discovered at New York's JFK Airport, grew out of Calvin Klein's then black-and-white ads. Moss, who holds the title of the UK's most winning model, is also referred to as a 'lady' thanks to a property he owned in the royal estate in England. One of the most popular news about Kate Moss, who has a moving and sensational life, is her love with Johnny Depp. Although the years pass, the photos of the duo are still shared on social media.

About Kate Moss:

1. The first lipstick purchased by Kate Moss is the Rimmel London brand. The famous model of the British cosmetics brand since 2001

2. Red Carpets cause Kate Moss to stretch

 Fortunately, when you are Kate Moss, you are the queen of the red carpet, which is a trend that is popular among young girls called Kate Moss.

3. Moss says her daughter Lila is better than herself in beauty and makeup issues

Already in their pose for the cover photo of Vogue Italy, Lila and Kate seem almost identical.

4. Moss, which we can define as a party girl, prefers to wear a 'nude' lipstick on the way to parties.

Moss also likes to head the party at the set.

5. Kate Moss pays much attention to friendship

She has 26 years of friendship with Liv Tyler, and has been walking her graduation show at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, while her best friend is a child of Sadie Frost.

6. Moss, who likes the point of make-up today, says she was impressed by the blue lipstick woman she saw on the way.

She also shaped the image of ideal woman walking on the catwalks in a timely manner. During his years of exploration, he had curvy lines such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, and while tall models were on the rise, Moss attracted attention to his ideal vision, discrete teeth, petite physics, eyes facing different places, and extreme weakness.

7. Kate Moss is a very strong woman who can stand on her own two feet

  While marrying his ex-wife Jamie Hince, he picked up his own ring, which was worth $ 190,000.

8. Kate Moss is a complete Englishman. He says he drinks 10-15 cups of tea a day.

9. Moss prefers to watch Lord of the Rings instead of Harry Potter

10.Has a younger brother named Nick and a half-sister named Lottie

11. Moss The 99th richest woman in England

Source: poxox.com lists

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