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The stress wheel, which is believed to take a certain amount of stress in a person or direct the person's attention to another area, can be used by almost everyone from 7 to 70 years old. The stress wheel, which is not handed down by the students especially in the middle school and high school ages, is offered as a favorite toy for adults.

Who Found the Stress Wheel, Who Is the Patent?

The stress wheel patented by Catherine A. Hettinger in the United States in 1997 is a kind of toy that you see in the hands of everyone. The stress wheel, also known as the new generation conquest or stress ball, continues to spread rapidly in our country by increasing its popularity.
The stress wheel, designed to dissipate your mind in stressful moments and not to overestimate the source of stress, grows up to help the parents in their adolescence. The stress wheel with different color, pattern and model options allows the mind to focus on other things at the moment of stress.

How to Use the Stress Wheel

The other bearings, which are triangularly connected to a bearing in the center, rotate around their axis and produce noises. The stress wheel, which is surrounded by the holding of the center bearing, can rotate around its axis from 30 seconds to 4-5 minutes. It is also possible to remove the spare bearings and attach them to the center if the center bearing caused by intensive use is broken. The stress wheel with the accelerating feature starts to rotate when you hit it with a little hand gesture.

What is the Price of the Stress Wheel?

In our country, you can find the stress wheel, which is possible to find almost everywhere, at affordable prices according to the quality and types. The average price of the lowest price of 10 pounds and depending on the quality of the stress wheel is worth to try with reasonable prices. Nowadays, the stress wheel can be used easily by almost everyone due to the fact that many factors affect the quality of life negatively and the stress wheel helps to reduce stress factors.
In this way, you can strengthen your ability to remain calm by treating people around you more comprehensively. Although the stress wheel has not yet proven a proven effect, you can try to see if it reduces stress as a small toy that will distribute your mind.

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