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While walking ık is natural, ordinary, familiar activity, it is necessary to get into a bit of detail when it comes to yürümek brisk walk “. What do we do? Here you go ...
Most of us don't know how to walk briskly. It's not a shame. I didn't know either. I learned, applied, I got very good results. I noticed in my conversation with an exercise specialist that I don't know.
When I realized what that expert said, I realized that a conscious li brisk walk edik is something different than the usual walks. It is more effective and beneficial for general health than sadece weight management yönetim according to değil simple gait ”when the rules are strictly observed.
The result is: ık Walking girmek is a natural, ordinary, familiar activity, but when the subject is “brisk walking ol it is necessary to get a little bit of detail and get a little information. If this is done, better results become partridge in the bag. So what do we do? Here you go ...
See what happens when you're walking?
🏃♂️ Your mitochondria are growing
🏃♂️ As you walk, more than two-thirds of the muscles that make up 40 percent of your body work.
🏃♂️ Old mitochondria die in your cells, and new and young mitochondria (energy-producing ovens) are born.
🏃♂️The mitochondria of one who travels spend at least 50 percent more energy than those who are immobile. Moreover, it continues to spend energy even while you are resting after a walk, even at night in your bed.
👍The result? More fitness, easier weight control, less risk of insulin resistance and thinner belleres, more fit body!
🏃♂️Bone calcium strength of regular hikers does not decrease even if they are old. Regular walk prevents bone resorption, at least slows down.
🏃♂️Your heart muscles become stronger as you walk. Mitochondria in the heart muscle also goes to the elderly, instead of young people, the number of income.
💖 Your heart is gaining new veins
💖New capillaries develop in your heart. Unused capillaries are re-activated. Your existing capillaries are strengthened and elastic.
💖 Your blood pressure drops, your heart's weight is reduced.
💖The time between your two hearts increases. This means that the resting time of the heart is extended. Your resting heart rate will also decrease.
💖 The amount of blood your heart pumping at a time increases.
💖 Your stress decreases, your self-confidence increases and your feeling of vigor and well-being is made of the ceiling.

Source: poxox.com blog news

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