The Life of Friends on the Seas

Greenpeace attaches importance to the issue of marine pollution, especially on the global scale and on the countries. It's also a matter of importance. The plastic wastes we produce do not harm not only the living creatures in the seas but also if we consume sea products, and ultimately harm the people and the marine consumers. And ultimately we're destroying the ecological environment we can live with. We pollute the nature quickly, but we don't adapt physically enough to adapt to it, unfortunately. Now, with another Greenpeace news, we are here from Turkey.
According to Dwarf Planet and Greenpeace Turkey, even today, can be found on plastic waste in the Arctic. Great progress in plastic, medical and construction areas, but materials such as product packaging make plastic  the problem for the seas and the world. If the disposable plastic  is the largest part of this problem is according to the agency and brand. Each year, 12.7 million tons of plastic waste to our seas, this is the minute we were involved in a truck that mixes our seas. According to Greenpeace's data, there are now 5 trillion plastic parts in the seas.

No Disposable Plastic to Extend the Life of the Seas

Greenpeace Türkiy e de Instagram via a daily campaign to draw attention to this issue aims to draw attention to. The purpose of the campaign is  to completely end the single-use plastic cycle. At least to instill this awareness by showing people the most common way they use it. Within the scope of the project, they show  people the misconception that the seas are not polluted when they discard or recycle plastics, and reveal a dolphin, one of the most intelligent animals in the sea, symbolizing the living life in the blue waters.
Trapped inside a dirty sea and plastic wastes, the dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals of the blue waters while standing with all its realities. He then asks them to touch the screen to help them collect plastics and rescue the dolphin .
Clicking on the screen, which is our biggest story-watching habit, every time a story is passed, a plastic is cleaned. However, subtitles merely emphasize that it is not enough to clean these plastics. Together with Yunus, the message of saving the living life in the seas is that it is not using disposable plastics.
The campaign was launched on World Animals Day, October 4, and will remain only today. Many influencer and Ali Sunal, Nature Rutkay, Mine Brigade, Honor has also supported the campaign.
Campaign for Greenpeace in Turkey from Instagram pages can try, as featured stories here you can watch. You can also view the screenshots of the campaign below.


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