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German automotive giant Porsche has announced the start of production studies related to the Thai model. Porsche is likely to attract the interest of car lovers with its Thai design .
Porsche 's electric car was known to be quite large investments and activities on s.

Porsche will draw attention with the design of Taycan!

The Taycan model, which will be one of the first fruits of these works, looks like it will be stripped from among the electric sedan cars.
Porsche, who believes in the future of electric cars like other car manufacturers, gave great importance to the design of the Taycan model.
In the development and production of the Taycan model, there is a team of approximately 1,200 workers.
The 600 HP car is also very successful with its range. A single charge of about 500 km can go Taycan then the sedan version, 2019 will be on the road.

Source: poxox.com technology

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