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In our daily life, we witness the increasing presence of robots. Pepper, the first social humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics , attended a session in the British Parliament, answering questions about artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0.
Designed to help older people, the robot introduces itself with a gentle tone in the video. In the video in the Guardian , Pepper says that robots will play an important role in maintaining technology, and underlines the need for social skills that are unique to humans.
Pepper, who continued his words by saying that technology was used in a way that was never seen before, says that a new way of thinking is needed by the workers of tomorrow in this field.
Pepper is part of a three-year international research project called Caress. The project develops the world's first culturally aware robots to help maintain care for older people.
Pepper, the first robot resident of Middlesex University in the UK, is the world's first social humanoid robot to recognize human faces and basic human emotions. Finally, let us share that Pepper works with students at Middlesex University in a project involving the teaching of elementary school children .
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