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The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said that in addition to a Mayan-style wall paintings, the bone fragments of Maya ceramics and thousands of sacrificed people were found in the Columns Plaza positioned between the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.
The discoveries confirm the existence of a relationship between Maya and Teotihuacán civilizations, which are geographically separated by 1,300 kilometers.
The research project in the area began four years ago under the supervision of Saburo Sugiyama, Verónica Ortega Cabrera, Nawa Sugiyama and William Fash.
Sürdür The epigraphic texts found in the pre-Spanish metropolites, like Tikal, indicate the contacts of both cultures in the fourth century. “
Di However, so far, there has been little evidence of this in the large metropolis of the Mexican highlands (Teotihuacán). The new discoveries show that the Maya elites live in the City of the Gods. Yeni
T In archaeological excavations carried out in water wells as well as in a tunnel, Columns Plaza structures were used for administrative and ceremonial activities. It was also found that during the classical period in the Mesoamerica, both cultures were dominated by the region until 350 AD, it was used not only for the Teotihuacán elite, but also as a residence for the Maya elite. Ayrıca
Saburo Sugiyama, an academician at Arizona State University, who conducted fieldwork in Teotihuacán for the past 38 years, says that the wall paintings discovered are an important part of the work that archaeologists have achieved.

, The murals in the Columns Plaza allow us to confirm the presence of the Mayan elite in Teotihuacán, and show that their presence here is permanent, not for ritual purposes. “
Yapı These wall paintings and the high-ranking Maya elites were probably living in a structure north of this area. “
Una The wall painting, which can remain in pieces until today, with its distinctive style such as Maya glyphs and small human figures, leaves no doubt that it is a work done by artists or artists who know very well the iconography of Maya culture. “

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