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We must stay away from chemicals as much as possible for a healthy life. There are no food or clothing in the chemicals. Of course, in today's conditions it is not possible to get away from chemicals completely. But the more profit we can protect, the more profit we think it will be a good alternative for us to benefit from the tincture.
So what is tincture? Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made using alcohol and chopped herbs. The prepared compositions are often mentioned as a means of preferring drugs to plants as they provide a long-term preservation of plants and nutrients.

Buy Quality Alcohol

The preferred type of alcohol to produce tincture is vodka. This is because of its colorless, odorless and quite tasteless. If you can't get vodka, you can use brandy, rum or whiskey.

Use a suitable container

Container glass or ceramic should be used to make tincture. Avoid using metallic or plastic containers, as these may react when exposed to tincture, or dangerous chemicals may leak over time.

Prepare tincture

You can prepare a tincture by measuring or eye decision. You should know if you want to add fresh, powdery or dry herbs to the tare. Here are some suggestions for adding plants in a fresh, powdered or dried order:
Add freshly chopped herbs to fill the glass beaker. Cover with alcohol. Add the powdery plant (113 g) with alcohol (or vinegar / glycerin) (473ml). Add alcohol (or vinegar / glycerin) (1 liter) of dried herb material (198g). Close the container. Place it in a cool and dark area and store there for 8 months with a month.

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