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Boxing, as it is known, is one of the most expensive sports in today's world. Boxers take a lot of money on matches. Especially when the world is followed by the title matches are taken much bigger money. Accordingly, those who watch the boxing matches also pay very serious money. Those who want to watch a game right next to the ring may have to pay a small fortune. 
For all these reasons, there is a serious audience of boxing competitions. This branch of sports is attracting people. For this reason, sometimes the purpose of sports to protect itself sometimes with the aim to protect itself is not less than this. Even one of the first materials taken to a gym is the sandbag. In this way, people try to stress. However, the main front of this sport when boxing the maintenance of gloves should not be neglected.
Boxing gloves are great for protecting a fighter's hands and an opponent's face during a fight; however, these boxer gloves can be very stinky due to bacteria and sweat. Cleaning your gloves regularly and keeping them properly will not only keep them clean and odorless, but also help them last a long time. When it comes to keeping the boxing gloves clean, the most important feature is to let them dry after each use, otherwise the growth and development of bacteria inside the gloves is ensured.
gloves from the gym bag as soon as possible When you put on boxing gloves, the bacteria in their hands are transferred into their gloves. These bacteria then feed your sweat and evolve, creating unpleasant odors associated with dirty sports equipment. If you carry your gloves in your bag, remove them as soon as you arrive.
Wipe them
Clean the gloves with a cloth or towel to absorb excess moisture immediately after the gloves are removed from your bag. Put your hand on the towel and put your glove on. Move your hand to help the sweat stick.
Clean the inside of the gloves After removing
as much moisture as possible from the gloves, disinfect with half and a half of vinegar and water solution.
Clean the outside of the
gloves Spray the vinegar and water solution on the outside of the gloves, so that each glove is covered with a slight mist. Then wipe with a clean towel to remove dirt, sweat and extra cleaning solution.

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