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The fruit of the autumn and the freshness of the figs are also beautiful. It is not only our own fruit which is rich in calcium and fiber, but also healer. We cannot say that there is a miracle in the treatment of warts, especially those that do not pass and that is so uncomfortable.
Care must be taken when using fig milk. For example, if you touch your lip when you collect the possibility of wound is very high. It is also necessary to store the fig milk correctly. It is best to use fresh to take advantage of the benefits.

Highly successful in the treatment of warts

You can say goodbye to the warts that do not pass through the unripe figs or blossomed figs. Usually on the hands of the acne resembling the appearance of the hands on the pelt, skin color and has a hard structure.
HPV (human papillomavirus) virus is released to the body. They usually appear as bubbles in the upper layer of the skin and can multiply and reproduce. Fig is an effective healing source for wart milk. One tablespoon of fig milk is mashed with barley flour and applied on warts and the mixture is expected to dry on the wart, not washed. Those who applied this healing recipe twice a week observed that warts disappeared over time.

Of course there are different methods; solutions, incineration techniques or laser applications. However, if you have fear of these treatment methods, you can try the method of fig milk.
You can apply fig milk treatment to the boils or calluses.

Other benefits of fig milk;

In the case of heel hardness, the use of fig milk is used. It is also effective against Nazareth.
Fights with skin blemishes. Before applying this method to your skin, you should consult your doctor and get approval.
Fig milk is effective in the removal of kidney sand.
It kills the earworms. It is enough to move the fig milk around the ear.
Good for gum bleeding. Provides strong gums.
Note: Be sure to consult with your doctor before use to take advantage of the benefits.
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