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Göbeklitepe is thought to be the oldest known monumental temple in the world.
Lee, the UNESCO World Heritage List Göbeklitepe in the animal figures on the stitched stones, the region is used as the center of hunting is an indicator of the indicator, he said.
Göbeklitepe Excavation Coordinator and German Archaeological Institute Professor. Lee Clare said in a statement, said they are conducting conservation work in the region.
Clare said that Göbeklitepe had been flooded with visitors entering the UNESCO World Heritage List. She said that she was curious about the meaning of the animal figures, especially on the sewn stones. That is 11-12 thousand years before Christ Göbeklitepe in the vicinity of the mountain where the figures of animals that live.

Reflects the way of life

Clare emphasized that animal figures are important in terms of showing that the people of that period were engaged in hunting and gathering, and that the figures carried the lifestyles of the people of the period to the present.
Ti It is very difficult to understand the stories the animals want to tell us, ist Clare said.
Gerekiyor This requires very long research. In fact, we focus more on the stories our animals want to tell, different kinds of social events here. We believe that Göbeklitepe is a gathering center, but it was not only a gathering center, but also a cultural center. There were various activities. In other words, we believe that it is the gathering center of hunting for the animals in the sewn stones. Our work is to further clarify this. Fazla

Animals were not domesticated

Clare noted that the number of animal figures on the stoned stones is very high, including many species such as bull, jackal, snake, bird, wild boar.
Clare stated that they kept a continuous archive because of the large number of animals in the region.
“We came across as many animals as we couldn't believe. Of course at the beginning of these various bird species, snakes, wild boars. One of the most important findings here is that the animals are wild. Lack of animals such as sheep, goats and cows. The biggest difference between our time and our time is that we domesticate animals. At the moment a lot of animals live with us, but until 11-12,000 years ago this was not possible, the animals are not domesticated, we are sure of it. Most of these animals were animals that they hunted and fed. Bu
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