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We have always followed the designs that make life easier for cycling enthusiasts. Therefore, we also often offer cycling helmets. The folding helmet made of paper when it comes to folding bicycle helmets, EcoHelmet, and the design of the cycling folding helmet Closca Fuga, which is designed by listening to the ideas and expectations of bicycle users, cannot be mentioned here. It is also worth remembering that Hövding , an air-cushioned helmet that only shows the moment of shaking . There is another folding helmet called the Flat Folding Helmet, which you can now fold into one bag and put it in your bag .

Flat Folding Helmet was developed in 5 years

It's a great pleasure to use a bicycle, but when you get off the bike, it's not a pleasure to carry a helmet wherever you go. Morpher's company in the UK, this Flat Folding Helmet offers a solution to this problem. In fact, this company's story is important. Jeff Woolf himself is a cycling enthusiast. Woolf, who survived after a major bicycle accident, worked for almost 5 years to create a better and more comfortable helmet for people like him. The aim is to promote the use of helmets. He is an inventor, an innovation expert, a businessman and also a journalist. The company's mission is also described as encouraging bikers and all other athletes to wear helmets by saving lives and preventing traumatic brain injuries.
Flat Folding Helmet's website also includes a small survey of cyclists . Accordingly, 92% of cyclists are not wearing helmets, and 84% feel that their lives are in danger because they do not wear helmets. 82% say they are not wearing helmets because of the difficulty of carrying.
In the video below, we have experienced the experience of an accident-ridden Flat Folding Helmet user:
Standard helmet materials, EPS and polycarbonate made of Flat Folding Helmet,
Morpher is as safe as an ordinary helmet. Suitable for use in all weather conditions and at the same time air. The helmet is suitable for adult women and men with helmet body 52-58cm. Available in black, silver and red and multi-colored polka dots, color options are also available.
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