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I don't think it's necessary to say how harmful plastic is. At one point we all know that plastic waste is bad for the world we live in. France prohibits the use of plastic cups and plates , Starbucks plastic alternative for the environment looking for solutions to the pipette and glasses. Many brands are trying to transform themselves to reduce the use of plastic. And Greenpeace is showing us what campaigns are so harmful  .

How long will we not develop environmental awareness?

Microplastics and plastics pollute both the food chain and endangers the descendants of marine species. So in fact, ocean pollution is an essential issue for the world . To draw attention to this issue, Greenpeace thought of a beautiful method in Philippine. You know, in the meantime, we've come up with the news and we're sorry for the whales or whales that are caught in the nets. That's exactly what Greenpeace Philippi is catching up on . He uses the art of docking to make a bold statement about the pollution problems facing local communities there.
A 15-meter-3-meter blue whale statue built to attract the attention of the public and the press. In the construction of this statue, plastic wastes that hit the beach in the south of Manila were used. The sculpture contains a mixture of plastic bags, plastic containers, bottles and other waste collected from the ocean. In this project, Greeneace (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) has helped to collect ocean waste.
Photos spread viral as they fell on the Internet. People thought that this was one of the signs of the end of the world and they used this frame in their flow. Of course, Greenpeace has reached its goal in the Philippines. Their purpose was to be noticed and to draw attention to this issue.

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