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Ford also uses mobile devices to bring different approaches to driverless automobile technology.

In the future, driverless automobiles can be safe enough to allow the steering wheel to be completely removed from the design. However, there is also a possibility that a scenario will sometimes arise that requires one of the passengers to take control. Ford assesses the idea of ​​making interventions that may be necessary in a car-free car control, such as a mobile game, over the phone.
The company has patented two different ideas in the United States for this . The first of these patents is a driving system like Real Racing 3 and similar games. In this system, the phone can be moved and used as a steering wheel. The accelerometer and gyroscope also control the front tires. Although Ford's patent promises an intuitive experience, the idea of ​​controlling a big car with a small phone call is a little frightening.
In the second mode, a steering wheel appears on the display of the mobile device in front of the users. The steering wheel is controlled by finger movements.
In both modes, the car will not be fully delivered to the drivers. The control of acceleration or deceleration will still be in the autonomous system. The driver will only determine the direction of the vehicle. It can be said that this would enable a change of lane that is not recognized by the autonomous system or entry into a private land.

Ford invests heavily in driverless automobile technology

Ford is among the companies that give the utmost importance to driverless automobile technology. Ford, which has been working on removable steering and pedals for driverless cars since last year , has recently turned the driverless automobile unit into an independent company last summer.
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