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We share many beautiful examples of infrared photography . We discovered artists working in many tones this year. We have witnessed some of the world's colorful variations with the twilight earths , yellow autumn , pink mountain ranges . Al Mefer also paints Iceland's countryside red and makes it look like a red velvet cake.
Mefer creates a living and non-living mix of Icelandic topography, from the iconic waterfalls to the fields full of pink sheep. In his photographs, he shows elements in the natural world, often blurring in the background. For example, when growing on rocks, clustered patterns, or the pouring of the water bridge over a waterfall.

Duality As Both Stunned And Exciting

Mefer's project   appeared when she traveled to the country with her friends from Dreamscapes of Iceland . There, he started using a reflex camera to capture beautiful views of Iceland. While exploring the Golden Circle to the south of the country, he decided to photograph such beauties there again.
The red and pink colors in Mefer's photos are similar to the reddish hues in the human body; tones aim to enlarge the differences in texture and create an emotional impact on the audience. He also wants to create a form among living and non-living photographers.
You can review Mefer's work on the  site  and  Instagram  .
Visual:  almefer.com
Source: poxox.com blog news

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