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Yes, we already know that you are well aware of these etiquette. We have also listed 14 rules of etiquette to remind those who do not know, even if they are more or less known, which will increase the level of prosperity in society if it is followed, to remove the people from the stress and maybe even sometimes to smile on the face of some people.

1. Don't talk in public transports at a height and time to disturb people around us

If we unintentionally come together, in a community, we should treat people around us in a way that makes our presence feel minimum.

2. Not smoking while walking

People walking just behind you could have gone out so warmly in the morning, but because all of your smoke comes on top of it, it smells of cigarettes instead of shampoo!

3. When someone who is not very sincere is called, first ask whether they are available and start talking like that.

4. To remove sunglasses in dual dialogs

5. Look at the eyes of the person you meet, not toasting the glass

6. Waiting on the right on the escalator; left to descend

7. If you are sitting with family or friends at a table, do not take care of the phone too often and for a long time

8. Do not disturb other people by walking on the road

9. Close mouth while sneezing and stretching

10. Prioritize and board the bus

11. To thank the people who serve you as a waiter and cashier.

12. After telling people about a topic, ask t Did I understand? “Instead of asking” do you understand? 12.

13. Pay attention to your distance with the person in front of you while waiting in line

14. If you borrow something, take care to give back as soon as possible

Source: poxox.com lists

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