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The walnut which is likened to the human brain and constantly confronts with numerous benefits has become an indispensable food source for us.
The nuts, which are very special as nutritional value in shell nuts, do not end up counting the benefits for the human body. It has a great effect on the prevention of behavior disorders due to the high percentage of fatty acids and heart diseases, antioxidant properties and Alzheimer's, and high omega-3 fat ratio, and at the same time, its tension.
Where does the word "sit on the walnut tree" kill the man early, which we hear among the people, when the walnut is so beneficial to the human body?
First of all, if you look at the structure of the walnut tree; the walnut tree is the most magnificent tree and its structure is protected by a green tissue with a thickness of about 5-10 mm.
These shell nuts have been developed to protect against insects and animal invasions. When this texture on the outer surface cracks, it's time to collect the walnuts. This shell on the top of the walnut is extracted and is not consumed because it is very bad in taste. In addition, this tissue is used as raw material in the production of some medicines.
If you've ever seen a walnut tree before, you've also noticed that there are not many weed and similar plants growing underneath. The reason for this is the sulfur gas released by the walnut tree.
Sulfur gas is heavier than other gases in the air due to its structure, so the bottom of the bottom of the walnut and walnut is drowsy and drowsy.
Anadolu University Faculty of Science Department of Biology Department of Botanical Anabilim Dalı research, Dr.. Ersin Yücel underlines that the poisonous material in some plants can be transmitted to the human through digestion, skin, respiration and blood.
That is why they indicate that walnut trees should be planted in places far from the human population.
It may be really harmful for us to sit under the walnut tree if this word spreading among the people in this direction is slightly exaggerated.
Although the shade is beautiful, we should be more careful when we sit under the walnut tree to avoid dizziness and fatigue and not be exposed to some skin problems.
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