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Who does not like summer months ... Even summer comes to make us happy, but there is a little detail that brings these beautiful summer months from our noses.
As hot days approach, some unwanted things are brought along. The most prominent of these is the mosquitos.
Do not worry, there's an interesting solution to getting rid of mosquitos. You will say this solution 'I wish I had known before'.
An internet blog called Healthyfoodhouse, the mosquitos shared the food to escape. Everything takes place thanks to the B vitamins.
The excess intake of vitamin B leads to an odor that mosquitoes hate the body and can not be noticed by humans.
There's some food we buy vitamin B every day. These are beans, potatoes, broccoli and onions. Apart from removing the vitamin B from mosquitoes, our metabolism and red blood cells are also very useful.
Mosquito bites are not just frustrating bumps and itching. If you get bitten by a fly carrying the disease, it can take you to death.
We are lucky in this regard that the mosquitoes in our country do not carry zika virus and do not cause malaria. But this mosquito does not mean that itch is not annoying.
You can share this useful information with your friends who want to spend away from mosquitos.
Source: poxox.com blog news

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