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In Turkey's Cappadocia region of the major tourist centers, rock carvings from natural underground museum it is being built.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues to work at the Cappadocia Museum, which is made by carving tuff rocks underground and growing endemic plants on it.
The "Cappadocia Museum", which will serve between the peribacities near Avanos, is constructed by carving tuff rocks formed by lavas erupted by Erciyes, Hasan Dağı and Güllüdağ millions of years ago.
(Nevşehir'da Giant Underground City's Constructs Viewed from the Air)
Following the tender by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the museum, which started its work in January, will shed light on the history of Anatolia by offering a visual feast in the underground natural environment, with the census and sightseeing of ethnographic and thematic works.
There will be a multi-purpose conference hall, documentary viewing rooms, playgrounds and a research center for children, as well as a display area of ​​1,500 square meters, with an indoor area of ​​50,000 square meters and a closed area of ​​7,000 square meters with natural surroundings for endemic plants.
The museum will be located approximately 15 minutes by car from Göreme Open Air Museum, Paşabağı, Zelve Ören Yeri, Uçhisar Kalesi to the most visited centers of the region by tourists.
(Giant Underground City in Nevşehir to be introduced in the BBC)
Nevşehir Museum Director and European Museum of the Year Awards (EMY) Turkey Representative Murat Gülyazı, museums, natural structure, the fairy chimneys lined with valleys, underground cities, cultural and religious heritage with nature and cultural tourism in that significant potential with Cappadocia add value, he said.
Museum of rocks carved with a variety of equipment that transfers made by Gülyazı, Turkey's most prestigious, and said he believes the world will be among the few museums.
Gülyaz stated that the museum will have a different value to Cappadocia with the completion of the construction and said, "We aim to open in July 2019. The Cappadocia Museum will be one of the most important museums in the world because it is a 100% natural building underground. Because the second one of this museum was not built, "he said.
Gülyaz stated that the fossil belonging to millions of years ago and archaeological and thematic sections belonging to various periods and the museum also stated that it does not need to use energy to warm up in the summer and cool it in the winter months that it will have the feature of trapping the ambient heat due to the rock structure peculiar to the region .
Gülyaz emphasized that the museum will be among the most prestigious museums, he continued as follows:
"An ecological museum that is completely peaceful with nature, endemic plant grows in the roof, iron cement is not used in it, it is a completely natural structure, the only example in the world. Due to the tuff rock carving structure, the interior temperature will be 21 degrees without consuming any energy in both summer and winter. In the museum will be the 'residents of the tombs' section. Starting from prehistoric times, until the last period of the Ottoman period, dead rituals will be exhibited in the context of archaeological finds and thematic presentations. In the history of nature, there will be fossils dating back 12 million years, as well as beliefs and a special section of Cappadocia. "
Stating that their priorities will be children and that they will enjoy this museum very much, Gülyaz said, "We will love nature and archeology. One of the most important sides of the museum is the presence of endemic plants in the natural environment in the roof, and this will be an important status of the museum. "
Gülyazı, because it is they who EMYA the world's Representative in Turkey every year visit the museum in various areas, he added that the encounter with a sample of Cappadocia Museum.
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