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Researchers investigating 1000 varieties of raw food, ranked the most important nutrients needed by the body ...
BBC According to Turkish news; After examining 1000 different types of raw food, researchers ordered the most important nutrients needed by the body.
1. Almond
579 calories (100 g) Food Points: 97
Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, it is well known that the goodness of heart, vein and diabetes is good.
2. Chia Seeds
486 calories (100 g) Food Points: 85
These tiny black seeds are rich in fiber as well as protein, linolenic acid, phenolic acid and various vitamins.
3. Pumpkin Chicken
559 calories (100 g) Food Points: 84
It is one of the most important plant iron and manganese sources.
4. Chard
19 calories (100 g) Food Points: 78
The antioxidant content of the pazin is also high because the vegetables are rich in the materials that give them bright colors.
5. Beet Leaf
22 calories (100 g) Food Points: 70
Sugar beet is the leaf of the plant. Calcium, iron, vitamins K and B vitamins (especially riboflavin) is an important plant in terms of.
6. Dry Parsley
292 calories (100 g) Food Points: 69
The parsley which is dried and ground for use as a spice is rich in boron, fluoride and calcium, so it is important for bone and dental health.
7. Celery Bulb
319 calories (100 g) Food Points: 68
Dried celery leaves are used as a flavoring. It is a major source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
8. Water Terrace
11 calories (100 g) Food Points: 68
This plant, which grows in the water of the waters, is used for removing mineral deficiencies.
9. Mandarin
53 calories (100 g) Food Points: 67
The high content of sugar from citrus fruits is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A.
10. Peas
77 calories (100 g) Food Points: 67
Peas have a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and fiber.
11. Green Onion
27 calories (100 g) Food Points: 65
Copper, phosphorus and magnesium-rich green onions are also a good source of vitamin K at the same time.
12. Red Cabbage
31 calories (100 g) Food Points: 65
It is estimated that this plant rich in vitamins is a plant that grows on the sea shores in Europe or the Mediterranean.
13. Dandelion Leaf
45 calories (100 g) Food Points: 64
Dandelion leaf is rich in A and C vitamins and calcium.
14. Basil / Reyhan
23 calories (100 g) Food Points: 63
It is known as an effective plant in heart protection. It is thought to be effective against mushrooms and bacteria.
15. Pulp Pepper
282 calories (100 g) Food Points: 63
It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, phenolic compounds and carotenoids.
Source: poxox.com blog news

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