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Incredible events are happening in the process of human creation. The first person to deal with human creation is Hz. Adam was created directly without any similar genetic linkage. Subsequent human beings were born through sperm and eggs using genetic material from mother and father. The fetus that develops in the mother's womb with fertilization has undergone many vital changes and shaping. This change is so rapid that the fetus in the mother's womb is in continuous formation. Zygote undertakes tasks in the birth of the creature by fertilization. On the second day of fertilization the zygote begins to divide. On the third day, the zygote, shaped like a purple, is a hollow sphere on the fourth day. On the fifth day, the cells that will bring the actual fetus to the fountain are gathered together and take the shape of a late blastocyst that resembles a fancy ring. On the fifth day, the event we give the implantation takes place.
So the zygote comes to the mother's womb for nine months and the mother is holding on to her uterus. Estrogens and progesterone are very important in the case of zygote embryo. By means of these hormones, the uterine wall becomes thicker and blooded. With this procedure, the fetus grows and forms the environment to be shaped. The giant cells that make up the fetus cling to the mother's womb at the beginning of the second week. At this stage, the formation of privatization in the cell is seen. At the end of the 2nd week, the cells of the embryo are sorted. The order of the embryo cells is at the top and two empty at the bottom. In this way, aminion gap and vitellus incision are formed. The vitellus is for feeding the embryo of the incision. The fluid of the amnion is in the liquid. It contributes to the development of the liquid baby. Thanks to the liquid, the baby is protected from the punctures it may take. It is also less affected by changes in the temperature of the water. The amount of Amnion liquid is very important. If the amniotic fluid is not in sufficient quantities, the development of the baby's organs is not fully realized. The embryo initially has a spherical shape. As the time progresses, it starts to prolong its length. The human body has an incredible function of ectorderm, endoderm and mesoderm in the development of muscles, bones, connective tissues, blood and cartilaginous tissues thanks to the skin and nervous system, mesoderm some digestive organs are developing. By week 5 mesoderm is taking an active role. Mezoderm cells begin to form the arms and legs of the fetus on the shoulders and hips. The limbs, such as the legs and arms, begin to form together with the fifth week. Therefore, the negative situation that the mother will have in the 5th week will negatively affect the arm and leg formation of the fetus in the mother's womb. By week 6, the skeleton begins to form in the system. Cartilage models of the main skeleton are emerging. Muscle and bone cells develop with this event. With the 7th week the fingers on the hands and feet start to develop. With the 8th week, the arms and legs continue to lengthen. In addition, the fingers are separated from each other. As a matter of fact, with the 10th week, the fetus is affected from the outside and can react to the resultant mother. But the reaction is limited and the mother can not notice it. Deep hair roots appear at week 12. In addition, the ossified structures on the skeleton are further developed. By the 13th week there was a fetus and arms developed, fingers were fully formed and joints became operative. By week 14 the fetus is making a displacement and twisting in response to external stimuli in the mother's womb. With the 16th week, the movements of the hands, arms and legs are done literally. In addition, nail formation is finished, the formation of eyebrows and eyelashes begins. The tissues and organs of the fetus are gradually completing. With this completion, there are significant increases in the size and weight of the fetus. According to this week, weight and size increase with certain periods. Failure to comply with normal values ​​implies impairment of development in the embryo. The baby should be followed up regularly on a monthly basis in order to be understood. It is with the 17th week that the fetus takes the human model completely. So the 4th month of your pregnancy has been completed together with organ formation. The limbs have the final shape. As you can see, the formation of a person from a single cell is incredible. It fulfills many cell and organelle tasks perfectly in this creation. So every day hundreds of thousands of healthy babies come to the world.

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