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The Cathedral of Notre Dame is located in the most important city of France, the founding member of the European Union, and also the world famous city of Paris, which is also the capital city. There are many world-wide historical artifacts in the world, especially in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Of these, the most important ones are undoubtedly cathedrals. When the cathedral culture is called in the world, it is the people of Europe who come to mind first. In the context of civilization, the European continent, which has the oldest traces of life, has hosted dozens of civilizations throughout history. There are many cathedrals around the world. No cathedral in Europe, which is home to countless cathedrals, mainly Germany and the UK, is not as famous as it is in Paris, France. Notre Dame Cathedral, located in the first district of the capital Paris, is considered to be the world's most popular cathedral. The medieval Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Europe and has a world-famous reputation. FThe Notre Dame Cathedral, located at the corner of Ransa's Parvis Notre Dame Jean Paul II district, has a history of about a thousand years.
Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the world in this sense, is one of the most important symbols of Catholic faith in France. Built as a cathedral, it was built during the Roman Catholic period and has been regarded as one of the most important historical values ​​of the world with its structure and has managed to survive daily and become a mirror of history. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, built in cathedral style, was founded in 1163. For many years the construction works have been carried out very carefully and the best architects have been used since it is one of the most valuable buildings of the Roman period. This cathedral, which is still actively used, After about 200 years from the start of construction in 1163, it was completed and put into service. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, which was officially completed in 1345, has since become one of the most important religious symbols. At that time the Catholic churches were able to play a very important role on the people of the region. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, which was completed in the 1300s, during which the Catholic period was ruled, began to be used as a parliament, strengthening the hand of the Catholic church in this sense. Notre Dame Cathedral, which managed to survive on a sunny day, is exactly 128 meters high and 48 meters wide. Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the oldest Catholic churches in the world, has a total of 10 pieces. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is considered the most important symbol and the next in Paris's Eiffel Tower. In this sense, almost all of the tourists who visit the city visit this rare site. Notre Dame Cathedral, which is located in the very center area of ​​the city, is also frequently visited by local tourists.

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