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We swallow it like a dental garlic pill before we go to bed at night.
-It prevents the hair from falling.
- preventing the hair from whitening early.
-It strengthens weak hair.
I have been trying for about 5 months, I have not been able to reduce my hair loss for years, but now my hair is spilling very little and looks very healthy. 🙂
stay happy ..
Swallowing garlic gives the body energy so that it keeps the person vigorous.
It is good to swallow garlic against fatigue and chronic fatigue.
Swallowing garlic increases sexual potential.
Swallowing garlic is important for hair health. It prevents the hair from spilling and makes the hair look healthier and brighter.
It is beneficial to swallow garlic against poisoning.
Swallowing garlic is useful against calcification.
Swallowing garlic is beneficial against all inflammatory diseases that occur in the body.
It works well against cholesterol.
It creates a urine extracting property.
It is possible to add garlic to the weight loss process. In addition to the list of diets that people apply to weaken, the weight loss process will be accelerated once garlic is consumed regularly on a daily basis.
Swallowing garlic shortens the healing process of cuts and wounds that are present in the body.
Skin diseases such as acne, acne and eczema can be prevented by consuming garlic.
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