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Do you wash with hot water or cold water?

Each person has a preferred water level depending on their body temperature. Some people prefer to have a hot water nearer to a warmer cold while others take hot water.
Do you know which one is beneficial for our hair and body health?

First, let's talk about the benefits of hot water

* Hot water relaxes the muscles, giving you a more flexible structure and comforting you in this way.
* It is good for those with sleep problems. The hot shower, especially taken before bedtime, helps you to fall asleep more easily.
* Blood pressure lowering feature. It is also known that diabetic patients correct the level of sugar in the blood.
* Hot water has the feature of migrating headaches. It is recommended for migraine patients.
* Hot water has the characteristics of opening the airways. If you are experiencing nasal obstruction, we recommend taking a shower with hot water.
And of course hot water means more hygiene. Bacteria are easier to die at high temperatures and the pores are opened to better clean the skin.

What are the Benefits of Showering Germans, Hair Washing with Cold Water?

* Cold water helps strengthen the immune system. This will prevent the cold from appearing.
* Helps keep you awake, keep your person alert. You will start in the morning with a cold shower.
* There is an accelerating effect of metabolism. Men also make testosterone hormone work better.
* Cold water has endorphin secretion. It reduces depression and helps the mind to drain.
* Cold water prevents hair loss.
Source: poxox.com blog news

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