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No matter how healthy and fit we are, it is impossible to escape from aging. Aging also means slowing metabolism, memory loss and slower steps.
Taking a long life will definitely leave some traces in your body. One of them is worn and torn in the joints and nerve cells. Some people may live with this pain, but for the elderly, pain in the joints is a major nuisance that prevents daily activities.
In this case, the first thing people refer to is naturally painkillers. The short-term effect of painkillers can not be denied, but once your body is addicted to painkillers, there is no more salvation. No one wants to live his whole life dependent on pills.
We have prepared a recipe for a natural drink that strengthens the knee joints.


2 bowls of sliced ​​pineapple
1 cup oatmeal
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder (do not exceed 1 teaspoon)
2 teaspoon unsweetened gelatin (do not use sweetened)
1 glass of natural orange juice (do not use ready-made orange juice)
250 grams of sweet almonds
1 tea spoon organic honey
250 ml its

Preparation of

Rub the oatmeal for 10 minutes and let it cool. Then put the blendera with other ingredients in the milk and mix well. When the material comes to a fluid consistency, add water on it and mix it again with a blender.
Eat 2 glasses of this drink a day for 15 days. It is advised to consume the first cup in the morning on an empty stomach and the other after lunch.
In order to have healthy joints and muscles, it is not enough to exercise, but at the same time it is necessary to nourish healthy. Some foods are even more effective in spartan strengthening of joints and muscles.
Below you will find a few tips on keeping your joints and muscles healthy.

Sufficient Water

Our body contains synovial fluid that reduces friction and lubricates between tissues and cartilage. Taking as much water as the body makes these synovial fluid more powerful. And in these hot summer days, it will be the healthiest liquid glass of water you can drink to relieve.

Consum More Vitamin C

By increasing the intake of vitamin C, you can reduce the risk of infections that can occur in the body. The richest foods in terms of vitamin C are; orange, strawberry, broccoli and tomatoes. If you consume these foods regularly, your joints, nerve cells and connective tissue will be healthier.

Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

When we were a lot of young, we hated eating vegetables. Even this hatred has gone so far that our parents have been rewarded for not being able to eat vegetables. Alyum vegetables are very rich in sulfur, which allows the formation of collagen and other nutrients needed by bones, joints and nerve cells. Investigations have shown that low levels of sulfur in the body slow down the process of joint repair.

Increase Protein Intake

The best way to raise protein intake is to consume meat. The protein will make it possible for amino acids to enter the body, which strengthens the cartilage and helps heal the wounds. If you are not a red meat lover, you can consume fish, walnuts, nuts and a variety of legumes instead. Also, if you are trying to strengthen your muscles, the protein will make a long-term contribution to you.

Lutheran, Yelts Fish Like Chinese Cock

You can consume lupine fish to stop the on-the-spot infections. L├╝fer is also very effective in preventing body toxins and poor effects during exercise. Eat loupe twice a week. Alternatively, you can consume tons of fish, sardines and salmon.
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