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In the Black Sea region of Turkey's production is quite widespread kiwi, was said to be rich in vitamins and minerals direction.
Ordu University (ODÜ) Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture Graduate Professor Dr. Turan Karadeniz suggested that daily consumption of kibin which is very rich in terms of vitamins and minerals.
Black, in his statement, said it sold production made of kiwi harvest became widespread in Turkey every year.
The fruit of the kiwifruit rich in the direction of products that are rich at the beginning of the Black Sea, "Kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamins. A small kiwi, 50-60 grams, easily meets the daily vitamin C of an adult person. "
Recommended to consume at least one piece of kiwi per day, "1 kiwi per kilogram of kiwi equivalent. Therefore, one kiwi to be consumed easily meets our daily vitamin C. From 7 to 70, every age group is beneficial in consuming one kiwi per day. In particular, the benefits of kivin to children should be vaccinated, "he said.
Vitamin C in the body Daily underlines what you need in the Black Sea, "Vitamin C body can not produce spontaneously. It is absolutely necessary to be taken from the outside. For this, we recommend the daily consumption of the vitamin k rich in vitamin C, especially for frequent influenza, colds and colds. "
Stressing that they emphasize the consumption of kiwi on behalf of balanced nutrition, the Black Sea, said:
"This fruit fiber ratio is also very high. Kiwi also contributes to the operation of the intestines. It's avoiding constipation. In particular, we think that our citizens who live in intestinal laziness will benefit from consuming kiwi. We generally recommend that the elderly who suffer from bowel problems consume kiwi on a regular basis. Kivinin is also known to have blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering effects. "
Black Sea Kiwis who want to be consumed at every meal, "Our citizens who see the benefits of kiwi in Turkey in recent years, making plenty of kiwifruit consumption. This is also a pleasing situation. Nevertheless, we believe that families and educational institutions, especially students and children, should be able to benefit from the health benefits of kiwi consumption. "
The Black Sea added that vitamin C as well as the vitamins that contain vitamins A and E also feed the skin.
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